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the first Lancastrian king of England from 1399 to 1413

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Therefore, the ordinary law is not available to Bolingbroke in this case.
When Bolingbroke abruptly dismisses him he is first surprised, then meekly nods submission and leaves the room fuming.
It should be noted that although Richard and Aumerle are not physically `compassed' in this scene, they are in the scene immediately following, where Bolingbroke's army surrounds them in Flint castle.
Henry Bolingbroke, duke of Hereford (afterward King Henry IV), the son of John of Gaunt.
Clare Budden, chief officer for community and enterprise with Flintshire council, said: "The authority is aware of a reported incident from a local resident that two people climbed to the top of the scaffold of Bolingbroke Heights and parachuted to the ground, landing within a fenced off area.
Police were called to the 13th floor of Bolingbroke Heights, a council-run sheltered housing complex, at about 1.5am on Sunday after receiving reports from paramedics that a man had been stabbed.
One way to understand the mirror's magical aura is to recognize the mirror episode as the climax in a sequence of three ritualized "magic mirror" spectacles that Richard deliberately imposes on Bolingbroke's would-be "resignation" scene.
"We have clients around the globe," says Mike Bolingbroke, operations VP at the London facility "Having one entity with different outlets gives our clients more flexibility."
Nigel Saul explores the deposition of Richard II, arguing that the king's malice and misrule forced Henry Bolingbroke to destroy him.
Owner Lee Bolingbroke, who has his own tipping line, said: "We took all the early prices this morning and have had a right touch."
Any political reading of Richard II involves an evaluation of treachery, emphasizing either Richard's or Bolingbroke's betrayal of fundamental obligations; the play foregrounds this issue.
The governors of Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy in Runcorn have written an explosive letter to parents at the school, claiming that their positions could be removed from them.
Bolingbroke Road in Stoke has been subject to several incidents involving rubbish dumping in the area.
The property, in Bolingbroke Street, Heaton, Newcastle, is available for rent through Walton Robinson for PS850pcm.