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a small round soft mass (as of chewed food)

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a large pill

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Being the leader of the group, Boli went back to check on the rest of the bikers.
(Related: BOLI Assets Surpass $140B in First Half of 2013 )
* The largest portion of BOLI assets was held in separate account life insurance (also known as variable separate account life insurance).
Several Arkansas banks that carry BOLI have seen mid-career executives die unexpectedly in the past two years.
BOLI policies are typically issued as either annual or single premium contracts.
Generally, BOLI is a sensible investment that has served the banking industry and its stakeholders well.
BOLI is a controversial topic, and to the layperson, it may seem as though banks are profiting from the deaths of employees merely to bolster their bottom lines, as suggested by recent press stories.
In the single-package category, Carson received the BOLI for its package design for the Caribou Binocular.
Diawara's agent Roger Boli says he is still awaiting confirmation of Alex Mcleish's interest in the 26-year-old.
The agencies issued the guidance because they were concerned that some institutions may not have an adequate understanding of the risks associated with bank-owned life insurance (BOLI), including liquidity, operational, reputational, and compliance or legal risks.
Walsall could face their former striker Roger Boli on Saturday if he can get himself fit.
Unsettled French striker Roger Boli was a shadow of his normal self and despite two efforts in the first hal his overall performance only supported his claim that Walsall have over-priced him at pounds 500,000.
But the hundreds of North End fans were still celebrating when ref Barry Knight awarded a spot kick at the other end when former Wolves player Rankine handled an injury time chip by Boli.
The League newcomers had no answer to French duo Jeff Peron and Roger Boli.