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a typeface with thick heavy lines

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Dee, who plays the free spirited Kat on "The Bold Type," revealed that the movie is part of her family tradition.
A detailed index also contains cross-references, with those that feature major discussions highlighted in bold type.
This guidebook is written with two levels of detail: bold type gives a concise description of the site, and regular type provides a more detailed account.
In short, if a Democratic-looking slate mailer this fall were to recommend a vote for Republican Richard Ackerman for attorney general, or a vote against Proposition 52, which would allow Election Day voter registration, bold type would have to state this is not the party's position.
The editors also include two indexes, one listing scholars and the pages on which they are cited or (in bold type) on which their contributions appear, and the other listing subjects by page, with bold type for subjects that appear as explicit entries in the dictionary.
Three of the above QIs are indicated in bold type to indicate that they are considered "sentinel health events" QIs.
One paragraph in this essay appears in bold type, and is extremely important:
Glover added, in bold type, "Thus, this regulation is certainly one of the most expensive regulations, if not the most expensive regulation, faced by small businesses in ten or more years.
com/bold-type-cast-eps-praise-shows-female-friendships-2564242) The Bold Type " will have to wait and see what new showrunner Amanda Lasher decides to do in Season 2.
price value in pounds sterling Those securities which have increased in value since the previous close are shown in bold type.
Advertisers in this issue of Label & Narrow Web are listed in Bold type in the Buyers Guide.
Niekro: His main qualification is that he won 318 games - while pitching most of a 24-year career for weak Atlanta Braves teams - and his seasonal stats are spiced with the bold type that signifies a league leader.
Approx changes to race distances as follows: Races 1 & 4: +45yds, Races 2, 3 & 5: +47yds, Race 6: +61yds, Race 7: +37yds Tote Trifecta (1st 3 correct order): Races with three or more runners POINT-TO-POINT form figures are in bold type
The advanced architecture offers what Vigen calls "three types of profile - a bold type outside, corrugated inside and some of the inside perforated for sound.
Chase distances increased as follows: 2m4f +66 yds 2m6f +66yds, 3m 4f +88yds Tote Trifecta (1st 3 correct order): Races with three or more runners POINT-TO-POINT form figures are in bold type