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Apart from Amish Kapok, Bokmal's colleagues are working with a number of award-winning architects such as Rem Kolas, Zahra Hasid among others.
Languages: Bokmal Norwegian (official), Nynorsk Norwegian (official), small Sami- and Finnish-speaking minorities, English is widely spoken (Sami is official in six municipalities).
(1) Norway has two official written languages, Nynorsk and Bokmal, with the large majority of the population writing in Bokmal.
U Norveskoj su pak zahvaljujuci stoljecima dugoj danskoj hegemoniji, izvorni ruralni i urbani govori puno bolje ocuvani, a supostojanje dvaju standarda -- jednog izraslog iz urbanoga danskonorveskoga govora (bokmal) i drugog utemeljenog na izvornim norveskim dijalektima (nynorsk) -- u trenutku kada je borba protiv urbane hegemonije poprimila i nacionalni karakter, ucvrstilo je polozaj norveskih dijalekata koji danas uzivaju mnogo veci prestiz negoli je to slucaj u Svedskoj i Danskoj (i sire).
Some songs will be performed in German translations, while Jette will sing others in Norwegian - some in a dialect called nynorsk and some in another called bokmal. (For complicated historical reasons, Norway has two different but officially recognized forms of its own language.)
In addition the QuarkXPress Passport 7.31 updater also offers spell checking and hyphenation support for Norwegian (Bokmal) and Norwegian (Nynorsk) languages, the company said.
The standard written forms referred to are at least geographically delimited, as with Nynorsk in Norway, whose use is concentrated in certain counties; its definition as Spielart rather than dialectal variant depends on the existence of dialects for which the rival standard Bokmal may provide an equally good "fit", rendering the choice extralinguistic.
There are two forms, Bokmal, or "book language," which is used in most writing and spoken by the majority of people, and Nynorsk, a rural dialect.
Traditionally, to the south-east and Oslo, they speak Bokmal or Riksmal, the old official language inherited from the long and much-disliked Danish rule of the country.
Sandemo maintains that he speaks "eight languages in Danish" and tells his tale in Danish, the Dano-Norwegian language of Bokmal, the second Norwegian language of Nynorsk, and finally in the Norwegian dialect of a local rural area.
In Norway it provided a stylistic model that substantially influenced the development of Bokmal, the literary language of modern Norway.