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a panel or section of panels in a wall or door

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Then comes the reconstructed Damascus Room, which, with its painted boiserie and marble mosaic floor, elegantly exemplifies Syrian Ottoman residential halls of the eighteenth century.
The exterior of their booth will be decorated with elevations from a boiserie formerly from the Schlo[sz] Herblingen, an extraordinary late 17th Century survival from an important Swiss castle near Schaffhausen.
The lacquered or glass finishes in Scenery set out to respond to this demand for warmth and richness, by creating the contemporary boiserie.
terminologizuojant pagal kalbos darybos taisykles: la condition / le conditionnement, le climat / la climatologie / le climatologue, le bois / la boiserie / le boisement.
With its velvet and damask antique French furniture bordering on threadbare, the room's Norma Desmond grandeur is a reminder of Cuba's aristocratic, prerevolutionary past; marble floors gleam coolly against the patina of the cracked, ornate gold leaf and boiserie wall paneling.
Free-standing sculptural millwork elements, part of the company's product line, are introduced at the entrance, and a large feature wall, Listone's Boiserie system, encloses hidden speakers and a flat-screen video within its low-relief, contoured surface.
Tout le jour dans la maison de reve, les portes claquerent sur leurs gonds; la mouche bleu chanta sur la vitre: la souris, derriere la boiserie allant en poussiere, criait ou, de la crevasse regardait.
Consequently, MLW is now an interesting alternative to traditional types of solid wood, as a material made from the cheapest or plantation wood species, which at the same time offers those working in the sector (including architects and decorators) unlimited varieties of colors and designs for the customizable production of furniture, internal accessories, boiserie, flooring, and several types of articles.
A neat solution I used recently in a small one bedroom apartment that had a full-height broom-come-storage cupboard was to use Mobileffe Boiserie walk-in wardrobe units that provided full-height, well-designed storage that freed up space in the bedroom, whilst the brooms and vacuums were stored in a kitchen cupboard.
There is also the "Selecta Boiserie," whose elements can be attached to panels fixed to the wall.
Cette operation, qui avait cible 39 ecoles primaires, 25 colleges et 15 lycees, consiste en la renovation de l'etancheite, de la peinture des classes, de la boiserie, des sanitaires et des cours et aires de recreation.