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a district of ancient Greece to the northwest of Athens

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Boiotia, with its dominating and occasionally traitorous big-name polis, Thebes, receives the most attention here as it does in ancient historiography.
Moreover, most of these terms are specifically Athenian, and after the opening setting in Athens the scene is moved to Boiotia, Delphi and elsewhere, so that they diminish in frequency.
Deer Nursing her Fawn, Greece (Boiotia, the Kabeirion sanctuary near Thebes), Geometric period, 8th century BC.
As a result of Spartan activities in Boiotia the Thebans had been unable to harvest their crops, and were suffering from a severe shortage of grain.
A good deal of LH IIIB2 pottery is known today from the Corinthia, Boiotia, and Phocis.
The FS 258A Zygouries-style kylix, for example, is present not only at Argivo-Corinthian sites such as Mycenae, Tiryns, Zygouries, and Tsoungiza, but also at Nichoria in Messenia, Eutresis in Boiotia, and across the Aegean on Rhodes.
At Kalapodi (ancient Hyampolis) in Boiotia, an offering table was found inside a temporary cult building constructed after the Persian destruction of the sanctuary in 480 B.C.
On the cult of [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]/Astarte Shemayim in Boiotia, see Baslez 1986, p.
599-600) points to the only existing evidence for Olympia's arbitration, the bronze tablet SEG XXXI 358, which describes how a board of arbiters at Olympia mediated civil strife between Athens and Boiotia.
Sanders (1999, p.463, fabrics D and E) had described the fabric as probably Attic," but this suggestion has now been superseded by finds from Askra in Boiotia (see n.
(14) Polybios (20.5.3) relates that Demetrios (in 236) invaded Boiotia, which had been under Aitolian control at the start of the war.
More directly relevant is a third, fragmentary tablet of clay that was found in the Sanctuary of Apollo Ptoos in Boiotia. (88) Consisting of the left half of a roughly rectangular plaque, the tablet preserves parts of five lines written in false boustrophedon that refer to a [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.] dedicated to Apollo.
Evidence is much less abundant in Lakonia, Attica, Boiotia, and Thessaly.
The bundle of bronze spits associated with the bronze hoard from Anthedon in Boiotia (Catling 1964, p.