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the temperature at which a liquid boils at sea level


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being highly angry or excited

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6 the dependence of the necessary surfaces areas of heat exchange on boiling temperature is shown [T.
If the refrigerant is actually a cocktail of two or more chemicals then sometimes the boiling temperature does not follow the pressure, but slides from one condition to another as the fluid boils.
In both cases, the fluid is fractionated primarily by its boiling temperature, and to a lesser extent by the influence of specific intermolecular interactions.
They show that pressure can do more than shift boiling temperature a few degrees, but can bring about qualitative changes of phase equilibria and give rise to unusual phase separation phenomena.
2] at its boiling temperature of-12[degrees]F at 250 psia.
Dana manufactures water heaters in compliance with IEC60335-2-21:2002+A1:2004+A2:2008, which deals with the highest safety standards of electric storage water heaters for household and similar purposes, and intended for heating water below boiling temperature.
However, if you try to boil water in a high pressure environment, the boiling temperature increases, allowing the water to remain in a liquid state beyond 100 degrees C.
As the boiling temperature increased, however, so too did the Ulster's error count, and it took a second-half try from Craig Gilroy to eventually ease them past the post.
For this investigation, there are three significant phases: (a) the initial heating when there is very little rise in temperature and is sometimes missed by students, (b) the usually linear increase in temperature of the water until it reaches boiling temperature, (c) the almost steady temperature while boiling.
This was left to stand at boiling temperature for 5 minutes, at room temperature for a further 5 minutes and then filtered, frozen, lyophilised and redissolved in water at a concentration of 2.
When the water steam is used for the distillation, the distilled mixture boiling temperature is decreasing (to the temperature corresponding state, when the sum of the steam pressure and mixture vapor pressure equals atmospheric pressure).
5] s a certain part of the conductor is evaporated, the rest is sprayed out as micrometer-sized droplets at the boiling temperature.
While Dasani long ago went down the plughole in the UK, perhaps the key to selling modified tap water for a Pharaoh-sized markup is to let it warm up to a refreshingly tasty boiling temperature under the glare of the North African sun--something even the marketing geniuses at Coca-Cola presumably never figured out.
The high temperatures are adequate to drive off high boiling temperature solvents and unwanted components, and to facilitate sintering or annealing of the thin film.
To evaporate the solvent, the topside board temperature during preheating must be higher than the boiling temperature of the solvent.