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the temperature at which a liquid boils at sea level


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being highly angry or excited

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The film boiling temperature is specified as [T.sub.WET] = 289.1[degrees]C, which is obtained from the graphical intersection point with curves generated with (16)-(17) such as Figure 6.
Oxford Cryosystems specialises in the design and manufacture of devices used to freeze single crystals or powders to very low temperatures, similar to the boiling temperature of liquid Nitrogen or lower.
1485) shows that computing the boiling temperature of water at different atmospheric pressures using four different methods will yield four different results.
They interpreted the deposits were formed on land, not in the ocean, by identifying the presence of geyserite - a mineral deposit formed from near boiling temperature silica-rich fluids - that is only found in a terrestrial hot spring environment.
The refrigerant crosses down through its boiling temperature and condenses.
Excess of power ([Q.sub.1] - [Q.sub.2]) in practice leads to boiling temperature [T.sub.b] rise, and together with it--the rise of all other specific temperatures.
* Input water then flows over a solar collector so that it reaches boiling temperature, and the water vapour that's produced is captured and fed back into the solar collector as condensed, distilled water.
The Dutchman arrived just after 7.30pm local time in Sacramento after flying into the Sunshine State amidst a boiling temperature of 29 degrees.
Vapor degreasing, which is not often seen in the US but is used frequently abroad, involves heating a solvent to boiling temperature, then immersing the PCB into the vapor, which separates the residue from the board.
However, the amounts of both calycosin-7-O-[beta] -D-glucoside and ononin were decreased when the boiling temperature
Increase the heat, and once the water is at boiling temperature again, add the almonds and boil for another 5 mins.
We note that (to a first approximation) as evaporation of gasoline is continued to dryness, the component suite shifts to heavier, lower vapor pressure, and higher boiling temperature components.
They show that pressure can do more than shift boiling temperature a few degrees, but can bring about qualitative changes of phase equilibria and give rise to unusual phase separation phenomena.
The pump loop consists of a 12-stage pump driven by a variable speed electric motor and is fed from a 1,000-gallon pressurized vessel that maintains liquid C[O.sub.2] at its boiling temperature of-12[degrees]F at 250 psia.