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the temperature at which a liquid boils at sea level


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being highly angry or excited

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In general terms, the classical distillation curve of a fluid is a graphical depiction of the boiling temperature of the fluid mixture plotted against the volume fraction distilled.
The new parameter, [beta], which substitutes for both [omega] and [mu], can be evaluated using the simple relations (6)-(8) that are related to the normal boiling temperature and the critical constants only, as required by the assumed constraints.
I am sure it is because I am not at boiling temperature, not at race speed.
Now the correct way to brew coffee is to heat water to just under boiling temperature -- around 200 degrees -- then steeping the grounds to extract the flavor.
Decoction: A tea made from heating cold water and an herb to near boiling temperature.
The milk reached a boiling temperature after about 1 minute and steadily lost [B.
Excessively long holding times above the boiling temperature reduce oxygen to low levels that can be fatal for nucleation.
a short boiling time retains fruit integrity and minimises losses in flavours and colours, and an increase in boiling time may produce excessive invert sugar; the same considerations must be given today to the ratio between batch volume and heating surface area, steam pressure, boiling temperature and holding times.
This process lowers the solvent's boiling temperature and reduces the time needed to recycle it.
These substances will not meet the boiling temperature criterion but will still be included since they play role of plasticizers.
Fluid for Pb-free reflow with a boiling temperature of 230[degrees]C can cost well over $1,000 per gallon
Shrimp was boiled in tap water in a 14-cm diameter stainless steel vessel at boiling temperature (100[degrees]C).