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the temperature at which a liquid boils at sea level


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being highly angry or excited

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The fuel oils (FOs) had boiling ranges of about 300 [degrees]C and initial atmospheric boiling points (AtmBPs) of about 200 [degrees]C.
This test sets temperatures for the 10, 50, 90% distillates and the final boiling point, as well as the maximum amount of waste generated during distillation.
The boiling point of water can be used to illustrate the importance of hydrogen bonds in living systems.
We had been pointed towards one low boiling point fluid "operating" in Germany, but despite the glossy brochures we were unable to get the operators to say much about the actual effectiveness of the system without the use of the supplementary firing in its design.
Professor Bongsup Cho said the saturated hydrocarbons found in crude oil, such as methane, hexane and octane, evaporate quickly once in the ocean because they have low boiling points - and may disappear even before humans get a whiff of them.
This apparatus is best for purification of a liquid containing non-volatile material and reasonably satisfactory for separating liquids of widely divergent boiling points.
While proven highly effective in removing microorganisms, distillers are unable to remove volatile organic compounds having boiling points lower than water.
For treating heavy contaminants with higher boiling points, such as heavy oils, the spacing would be closer.
Gasoline is a mixture of liquid hydrocarbons that have a variety of boiling points. Only the most volatile components of gasoline vaporize and burn when a cold engine first turns over, says Ronald D.
The process reportedly allows use of blowing agents with a wider range of boiling points and also permits easy processing of polyisocyanurate foam.
For example, its boiling point far exceeds a water-based coolant's vaporization or boiling points, so Evans NPG coolant never boils over, even under the most demanding conditions.