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the temperature at which a liquid boils at sea level


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being highly angry or excited

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TerraTherm uses a technique called in situ thermal destruction in which the soil is heated to well beyond the boiling point of water using electrically powered heating elements.
The lower boiling points and minimum additives found in less expensive brake fluids will begin to vaporize at a much earlier rate.
Other benefits of HFC and HFEs include boiling points in an easily usable range, compatibility with existing catalysts and silicone surfactants and ability to produce foams with tack-free times shorter than those for foams blown with HCFC-141b, BASF says.
density, solubility, boiling points, cloud points, flash points, pH, freezing points, activity, toxicology, storage, precautions, etc.
By dissolving the soot in solvents with ever-higher boiling points, Whetten has extracted ever-larger fullerenes -- up to 200 carbon atoms.
Gas chromatography is a fast and sensitive method for detecting PBDEs, but the high boiling points and low thermal stability of the three most widely used commercial PBDEs (pentaBDE, octaBDE and decaBDE) can complicate this type of analysis.
Extraction designed the VS-CSP-32 media to filter out molecular acids such as HCl, H2SO4 and HNO3, acid-forming species like SO2, molecular bases such as NH3, NMP and amines, and condensable organic compounds defined as those with boiling points above 150 degrees C.
In addition, the new inert source can be operated at higher temperatures -- a benefit for analyses of compounds with high boiling points.