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a metal pot for stewing or boiling


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In 1988, hospital staff nurses reported symptoms of eye and upper respiratory tract irritation after the nitrogen of CHA and morpholine (a similar nitrogen-containing corrosion inhibitor) into boiler water used to humidify a nursery and neonatal intensive care unit (NIOSH, unpublished data).
The occurrence of boiler water carryover can usually be verified by testing the condensate.
Have you continued to keep the boiler water temperature low during non-peak periods?
According to Roberta French, Mechanical Designer of North Country Consultants in Upstate New York, "Propane-fired, condensing-type boilers are controlled to modulate the boiler water temperature to the lower temperatures utilized in radiant floors, usually around 80 degrees--whereas oil-fired boilers cannot be fired below 140 degrees without damaging the boilers."
In order to minimise blowdown, the total of dissolved solids in the boiler water should be maintained as close as possible to the limit recommended by the boiler manufacturer.
The Royalist is a conventional three-pass wet back, steel shell boiler, which, due to its generous boiler water content, requires no minimum water flow rate.
Malfunction of heating (boiler, burner) and water (condensation and boiler water loss) systems doesn't just waste fuel and water--can be responsible for unnecessary maintenance.
High TDS (total dissolved solids) can lead to "foaming" on the surface of the boiler water, which can cause nuisance trips, because the water level probes can't always distinguish between water and foam, therefore giving false water level readings.
These leaks can go unobserved because the boiler water is constantly replenished automatically with new cold water or manually by a building superintendent.
The computerized control also provides the option of automatically raising the boiler water temperature during peak demand periods when the coil can't keep up with domestic hot water usage.