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standard formulations uniformly found in certain types of legal documents or news stories

thick plate iron used in the production of boilers

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That little primitive computer saved me tons of time and energy in not having to retype styles, boiler plate on documents like deeds or bodies of motions, certificates of service, etc.
As far away as 250 yards a pilot was standing on the deck of a small barque when a large piece of boiler plate struck him, killing him on the spot.
The boiler plate language of paragraph 18 of the pre-printed form lease sets forth as follows:
First, every sewer code has boiler plate language that prevents the introduction of dyes or other materials that will impart adverse colors to the wastewater.
Dinnen's On Marine Boilers recommended less than three-eighths of an inch thickness boiler plate as optimum for smaller marine boilers because thicker plate demanded more heat which in turn placed more stress on the boiler.
We'd sit down and talk using boiler plate questions.
PeaceHealth's own boiler plate language used in news releases - that PeaceHealth is a "Bellevue, Washington based corporation" - has perpetuated the misconception, Hayward wrote.
He taught me to knock out the primer with a punch, press the case in the sizing, hole and knock it out, then prime it with a piece of 2x4 with a dowel in it to press the case down on the boiler plate with a primer.
The old red house rents month-to-month, No boiler plate, security, some Septembers, the well goes dry.
After 12 years of green coffee purchasing, coffee roasting, fixing building, and rebuilding many brands of espresso machines, and performing daily hands-on studies of extraction parameters while brewing espresso, I am confident in asserting once again that espresso extraction is both an art and a science which requires a lot more than the basic understanding and application of said boiler plate espresso brewing methods.
Railroading, iron, and steel led the way along with boiler plate and nail production.
Researchers examining the messages in the chairmen's boiler plate can rightly ask many questions as the corporation seizes centre-stage.
The legalese, boiler plate language found in most reference works tends to scare the life out of accountants and clients alike.
Determining which chunks of boiler plate you need is usually a simple process that could be done quite cheaply by walk-in clinics.
In his Encyclopedia of American Steam Traction Engines, Jack Norbeck writes: "The Nichols & Shepard steam traction engine had the most substantial boiler made, with the thickest boiler plate used in traction engine construction.