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standard formulations uniformly found in certain types of legal documents or news stories

thick plate iron used in the production of boilers

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They could be commonly used addresses, for example, or so-called boiler plate text that lawyers and other businessmen use.
With the depth of the river falling rapidly, the decision was made to attach a boiler plate over the unprotected stern (for appearance's sake), and go with what they had before she became stranded.
"In other words, the city used specs for a road not a building in the boiler plate portion of the contract," said Skurka, suggesting that the lawsuit will allege that this may have contributed to some of the change order problems.
Pity the sender left this message where the standfirst should've gone: "The old boiler plate is still being used in all new releases I see - we changed it from the media round table, please use that one."
Indeed, for a 45 minute speech, it was dominated by what one previously called "BOMFOG" (Brotherhood of Man; Fatherhood of God) language, that is boiler plate commentary on trusted verities.
This engine had been operated in a low water situation, leaving the crown sheet (the upper boiler plate or sheet inside the firebox) over-heated and "bagged" (wrinkling the boiler plate), rendering it useless.
That little primitive computer saved me tons of time and energy in not having to retype styles, boiler plate on documents like deeds or bodies of motions, certificates of service, etc.
Frequently legal issues will be unique and not amenable to 'boiler plate' paperwork.
As far away as 250 yards a pilot was standing on the deck of a small barque when a large piece of boiler plate struck him, killing him on the spot.
The boiler plate language of paragraph 18 of the pre-printed form lease sets forth as follows:
First, every sewer code has boiler plate language that prevents the introduction of dyes or other materials that will impart adverse colors to the wastewater.
It was agreed that an increase in Canada's innovation potential might be reached through an enhanced design-directed research culture in our universities; incorporating both "boiler plate design" and "design for innovation" practices at the early planning stages of engineering research and development programs.
Dinnen's On Marine Boilers recommended less than three-eighths of an inch thickness boiler plate as optimum for smaller marine boilers because thicker plate demanded more heat which in turn placed more stress on the boiler.
Most of the present contract (not a contract at all but rather more of a Memorandum of Understanding), is more like "boiler plate language," with only certain particulars left to be resolved.