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My molars crush the remains of the boiled sweet, wedge bits in crevasses and I play at them with the tip of my tongue.
And at the same time restore my faith in human kindness and hopefully relieve my suffering some eight days aftermy dangerous encounter with a boiled sweet.
The company has decided to concentrate all marshmallow production at Edge Lane, former home of the old establish Taverners boiled sweet factory.
HOLLY MILLWARD, 10, of Newcomen Primary School: "Mine would be dog shaped and rhubarb and custard flavoured, an everlasting sucky boiled sweet."
'The large range available will appeal to young and old alike, and is a wonderful example of heritage meeting innovation, since the sweets are produced in a manner that Fred himself would have recognised, but the factory now employs modern, stringent, health and safety procedures.' How to make a boiled sweet: The basic method for making a boiled sweet is, unsurprisingly, boiling lots of sugar.
Chocolate and Sweet Potato Tor te 200g self raising flour; 50g cocoa powder (try Green and Blacks); 1 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda; 175g butter; 150g golden caster sugar; 3 beaten eggs; 400g boiled sweet potato, mashed with two tablespoons of milk.
Next was a scorpion embedded in a giant boiled sweet, served with ice cream.
Wendy Bruce, a trained first-aider, spotted little Andrew McGettigan on the street as he struggled for breath after a boiled sweet stuck in his throat.
ON a train journey to Southport for a day out with my six-year-old niece, we unwrapped a boiled sweet each and decided to play I-Spy.
Sitting next to Sir Cliff Richard in the Royal Box, the Blind Date star seemed to have a problem with a boiled sweet.
His lips ruby red against his ghostly white face and his sleek ebony hair set off with a black military jacket, red armbands and brass-buttoned waistcoat, he paused to grab a boiled sweet and greet his lawyers.
If they are too young to remember the popular boiled sweet, says King, then they are off-limits.
Sophie Waller, who was terrified of dentists, had all eight milk teeth extracted after she broke one on a boiled sweet.
SophieWaller, who was terrified of dentists, had all eight milk teeth extracted after she broke one on a boiled sweet.