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a unit of magnetic moment of a molecular or atomic or subatomic particle

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where [A.sub.S] and [A.sub.D] are the dipole hyperfine constants, [g.sub.J](S) and [g.sub.J](D) are the electronic g-factors, [g'.sub.I] is the nuclear g-factor, h is the Planck constant, and [[micro].sub.B] is the Bohr magneton. All of the parameters entering [H'.sub.S] and [H'.sub.D] are known from experiments, although a more accurate measurement of [g.sub.J](D) would be useful.
(4), [alpha] = [+ or -] 1/2 for spin-up and spin down respectively, [[micro].sub.B] is the Bohr magneton, g is the g-factor for electrons and [theta] is the precession angle.
In the first article, we (Stevens and Kalkwarf 1990) pointed out a) that ferritin has a stable magnetic moment of 3.8 Bohr magnetons, and b) that on the basis of reports from Bawin and Adey (1976) and others that EMFs could alter calcium homeostasis, increases in free radicals could be expected.