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Danish physicist who studied atomic structure and radiations

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Bill Bohr was a financially secure man because he spent his entire working career with the United Parcel Service.
"It may be Chinese tradition," Bohr recalls, "but children are really valued.
Corda, "On quasi-normal modes, area quantization and Bohr correspondence principle," International Journal of Theoretical Physics, vol.
Right after Bohr's trilogy, (5) a complete set of papers concerning the Bohr model, Rutherford wrote a paper titled "The Structure of the Atom." (40) Needless to say, he referred to the Bohr model.
Currently, BOHR, the company's primary subsidiary operates 17 full-service offices in the Hampton Roads region of south-eastern Virginia, 10 full-service offices throughout Richmond, Virginia and the Northeastern and Research Triangle regions of North Carolina that conducts business as Gateway Bank, and seven full-service offices on the Eastern Shore of Virginia and in Maryland and three loan production offices in Maryland and Delaware that do business as Shore Bank.
Subsequent research has borne out Bohr's idea, even when the choice to observe wave or particle is made after the light has entered the experimental apparatus.
Heisenberg drew a sketch on a scrap of paper to show Bohr how far the German boffins had already got, to try to persuade him that he should join the winning side!
The article authors are the following: Hannu Salmi, Kari Kallioniemi, Kimmo Ahonen, Raita Merivirta, Heta Mulari, Rami Mahka, Sanna Peden, Petteri Halin, Jacqui Miller, Marco Bohr, Jehanne-Marie Gavarani, Jessica Gallagher and Ipek A.
German daily, Handelsblatt, has reported, citing the supervisory board, that the automaker is also adding Siemens' new CEO, Joe Kaeser, and Bernd Bohr, the former chief of automotive supplier Robert Bosch's car parts division, to its board.
Using the large international telescope, the Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA) in northern Chile, an international research team led by Jes Jorgensen from the Niels Bohr Institute studied the star and its surroundings.
The number 137 expresses the translation component n of the path s of the electron on Bohr orbit [1].
Bernd Bohr, then-chairman of the Bosch Automotive Group (, made some interesting observations at a technical event in mid-June (he retired from his position at the end of June 2013) that indicate the auto industry is on a path toward increased electrification, whether this means hybrids or electric vehicles (Bosch is behind the electric drive system in the Fiat 500e).
Bernd Bohr, who is due to step down from Bosch's board this summer, said the reliability and safety of driverless vehicles or vehicle platoons had to be proved.