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Danish physicist who studied atomic structure and radiations

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Bohr always seemed too embarrassed, or perhaps too hurt, to speak of it afterward.
To obtain information from Bohr as to how advanced the Allies were in their efforts?
Here's a little sample of the play's more scientifically abstruse dialogue, spoken by Bosco's Bohr as the physicists discuss the process of fission, the reaction at the heart of atomic energy: "Natural uranium consists of two different isotopes, U-238 and U-235.
3) Niels Bohr, "The Quantum Postulate and the Recent Development of Atomic Theory", Atti del Congresso Internationale del Fisici, 11-20 Settembre 1927 (Bologna: Nicola Zanichelli, 1927), pp.
Right after Bohr's trilogy, (5) a complete set of papers concerning the Bohr model, Rutherford wrote a paper titled "The Structure of the Atom.
Bohr instead got out of Denmark with the sketch, headed to Cambridge via Sweden, and then arrived at the Manhattan Project in 1943.
Un encuentro en 1941 asimismo historico, dado en las dificiles circunstancias de la ocupacion nazi de Dinamarca: Bohr era danes y Heisenberg aleman.
Astrophysicist Jes Jorgensen, Associate Professor at the Niels Bohr Institute and the Centre for Star and Planet Formation at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, said that they studied the chemistry of the gas and dust cloud surrounding the early protostar (an early stage of star formation).
Antecedido por un gran prestigio, Bohr llego en 1911 al Laboratorio Cavendish, en Cambridge, Inglaterra, intrigado por la composicion basica de la materia en una epoca en que la naturaleza y el comportamiento de los atomos era el tema mas sugerente entre los cientificos--a pesar de que aun nadie podia decir con certeza que era exactamente un atomo--.
According to the double surface model [1] where the characteristic values for the path and its translation component on Bohr orbit are s = 137.
Bernd Bohr, who is due to step down from Bosch's board this summer, said the reliability and safety of driverless vehicles or vehicle platoons had to be proved.
Ten times more hurricane surges in future, new research forecasts: New research from the Niels Bohr Institute in Demark shows that there could be a tenfold increase in frequency of major hurricanes if the climate warms by two degrees Celsius.
In this fascinating, well-written overview, Brennan offers biographical sketches of seven great 20th-century scientists: Albert Einstein, Max Planck, Ernest Rutherford, Niels Bohr, Werner Heisenberg, Richard Feynman, and Murray Gell-Mann.
How physics confronts reality; Einstein was correct, but Bohr won the game.
First, Bohr, in many ways a "father" of modern quantum physics, begins to develop his framework to account for new findings in the hard sciences at roughly the same time writers such as Woolf, Joyce, and Nietzsche do their work and thus Bohr is located within the same culture characterized by changes in the sense of space and time of which Kern speaks.