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Danish physicist who studied atomic structure and radiations

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In the end, Bohr used classical math for part of his atom model and then mixed quantum physics into it in four specific ways.
Its destiny is to be in some way glued on Bohr orbit in the Hydrogen atom.
The Company continues to explore its large landholdings in Mongolia as well, including the coal discovery Nomkhon Bohr.
Gravitational Bohr radius is defined as inverse of this solution of [alpha], then one finds (in accordance with Rubcic & Rubcic [3]):
The part of Bohr went to Philip Bosco, and while ``Copenhagen'' was conquering New York at the Royale Theatre, Cariou found himself across the street at the Music Box spinning off one-liners in Neil Simon's hit comedy, ``The Dinner Party.
We are observing light from the galaxies that has been on a 10-12 billion year journey to Earth, so we see the galaxies as they were then," said Professor Johan Fynbo from the Dark Cosmology Centre at the Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen.
Einstein valued simplicity and clarity; Bohr embraced ambiguity.
Bernd Bohr (46) will become chairman of the automotive technology business sector, taking over this responsibility from Scholl.
As he prepares for a visitor, Niels Bohr allows feelings of fury and fear to give way, momentarily, to eagerness.
Weiner Heisenberg has come to Denmark to visit his old university teacher (and father figure) Niels Bohr - again, a physicist of genius.
As more and more transistors are packed onto a single piece of silicon, the industry continues to research current leakage reduction solutions," said Mark Bohr, Intel senior fellow.
7 km new four-lane road extension of Munkebjergvej from the Niels Bohr Alle to E2 Funen Motorway, 2 stiunderfE[sup.
The findings by Rice University physicists and collaborators at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the Vienna University of Technology, uphold a prediction made in 1920 by famed Danish physicist Niels Bohr about the relationship between the then-new science of quantum mechanics and Newton's tried-and-true laws of motion.
The notion of complementarity was proposed as a principle of physics during the 19th century by quantum theory pioneer Niels Bohr, says Barab, but he himself first encountered it as an ancient Chinese notion while he was a graduate student in East Asian studies.