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German mystic and theosophist who founded modern theosophy

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En el tercer gran episodio de las transformaciones del logos, esta tradicion hermetica cristiana se integra con el neoplatonismo renacentista, la Cabala cristiana y judia, la alquimia, la masoneria del siglo XVIII y la mistica ilustrada, especialmente Bohme y Swedenborg.
Vickie Shim, (1, 2) Andreas Gather, (3) Andreas Hoch, (3) David Schreiber, (3) Ronny Grunert, (3) Steffen Peldschus, (4) Christoph Josten, (3) and Jorg Bohme (3)
A determinacao de um perfil especifico de acordo com a modalidade esportiva auxilia na fase inicial de formacao de atletas jovens (Bohme, 1995).
JUDO: Garioch's Stuart McWatt won the Under-81kg title at the Scottish Open at Meadowbank, beating Germany's Paul Bohme.
From the thirteenth century on, especially during the Renaissance down to the 19th and even early 20th centuries, figures such as Raymond Llull, Jakob Bohme, Robert Fludd and Knorr von Rosenroth were attracted to Kabbalistic doctrine, often employing it to innovate within Christian thought or--incongruous as it may seem--within scientific inquiry, since the Kabbalah allowed belief in our capacity to uncover arcana.
Trumpet player Dean Wright will be joining the orchestra to perform Bohme's Trumpet Concerto, which is the centre-piece of this Easter concert.
Both are important to navigate through life." Bohme added that to him the Windhoek Lager Ambassador Initiative was a positive one as it calls for the valid opinions of Namibians.
Bohme (noted German philosopher and author) has brought together a collection of essays and papers from several decades that ponder technology and technological development.
O processo de selecao e deteccao de talentos esportivos e constantemente discutido na area do esporte (Hebbelink, 1989; Lanaro Filho e Bohme, 2002; Bohme, 2007; Joch, 2005; Kiss, 2004).
Soprano Catherine Bouchier excelled in Puccini's Vissi d'Arte (Tosca) and Mi Chiamano Mim (La Bohme).
La Boheme: Welsh National Opera Birmingham Hippodrome Opera lovers were apprehensive when Welsh National Opera retired Goran Jarvefelt's much-loved production of Puccini's 'La Bohme'.