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German mystic and theosophist who founded modern theosophy

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By introducing quantum potential, Bohm demonstrated that it is possible to provide a causal, and at the same time nonlocal, interpretation of quantum mechanics.
This also justifies, in part, the identification that Bohm makes of momentum, [p.sub.Bohm] [equivalent to] [nabla]S, as the momentum of the particle.
A Swedish government report in March says Wallenberg and Bohm both worked undercover for Britain and the United States, with Bohm acting as a middleman in Stockholm.
Mr Bohm's report recommended a maximum pounds 257,476 for Ms PriceTaylor, pounds 245,972 for Mr Woodward, and pounds 158,348 for Mr McDonald.
Another minor point concerns a discussion that Barrett gives of an objection to the Bohm interpretation by Englert et al.
Bohm gives a rounded portrait of Hawkins, who, like Nathan, had classical training.
Bohm (1983) described "a universe characterized by; unbroken wholeness, uncertainty, and paradox" (p.
That this was the prevailing opinion may explain, at least partly, why when in 1952 David Bohm produced just such a hidden-variable theory it was - and has been until quite recently - ignored by physicists and philosophers.
'Few were moved; it was a weak succes d'estime.'(1) With these words, the violinist Joseph Bohm described the premiere of Beethoven's String Quartet in E flat Op.
However, Bohr and his supporters talked most of the community, including de Braglie (but not Einstein or Schrodinger), out of hidden variables and they lay dormant until being resurrected by David Bohm in the 1950s.
One scientist, Harry Bohm, has written a book for kids called How to Build an Undersea Robot and Other Wet Projects.
It is a slender volume and structured simply with a series of relatively short essays and line drawings, and it concludes with correspondence between the author and physicist/philosopher David Bohm. This is a highly condensed book, and I do not recommend it for passive, leisure reading.
Werner Bohm was also named senior vice president of Nordson's European operations, including manufacturing and sales activities.
Buhari Osinbajo Hope Movement (BOHM) has charged the ministers newly inaugurated by President Muhammadu Buhari to come up with a blueprint that would transform the nation's economy and improve on the wellbeing of Nigerians.
As part of the visit to the institutions with which UNDP BiH cooperates in Mostar, Resident Representative, accompanied by BoA3/4ena Katlak Bohm, Head of the Mostar UNDP office, learned about the activities of the Center and its engagement in the problem of drug addiction in Mostar and the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton, but also got informed about the challenges with patients' addiction to new psychoactive substances.