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Synonyms for Bohemian

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Synonyms for Bohemian

a member of a people with dark skin and hair who speak Romany and who traditionally live by seasonal work and fortunetelling

a native or inhabitant of Bohemia in the Czech Republic

a nonconformist writer or artist who lives an unconventional life

unconventional in especially appearance and behavior

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But Bohemians got their due reward from Mandroiu's moment of brilliance on 78 minutes.
I love it." The comments will come as further good news to Bohemians, who are confident the publicity-generating jersey will be green-lighted to go on sale.
Thankfully, The Bohemians are 100% professionals when it comes to giving the crowd what they want.
This time the emphasis will be on the ever popular Greatest Hits compilations, I and II Billed as 'The World's most exciting Queen Tribute' The Bohemians start proceedings as they mean to continue.
So much so that a certain (artistic, introverted and in some cases carefree) attitude has become synonymous with the word Bohemian. Now when we label someone a Bohemian, we imply that their approach to life is not like that of a 'normal' human being's; rather, it has an artistic bent to it.
Stephanie Blalock's book, "Go to Pfaff's": The History of a Restaurant and Lager Beer Saloon contributes to the body of scholarship on bohemianism by fleshing out the specifics of Charles Ignatius Pfaff and the beer hall that served as the bohemians' home base.
Taking audiences back to the decades of big hair, even bigger lapels and shoulder pads, The Bohemians recapture both the look and the sound of this iconic band.
Jordan Sopp's hat-trick saw Kenton Bar beat Gosforth Bohemians Reserves 3-0.
For your chance to win tickets to The Bohemians just answer Who was the lead singer of Queen?
Indeed, evidence of the Bohemians precedes their actual arrival by weeks, as the townspeople find themselves in an unusual situation: Most of them are suddenly employed, and--for once--business is booming.
Sligo battled it out with the Dublin-based Bohemians on Saturday night in an FAI League of Ireland fixture in front of nearly 2,000 fans.
The Bohemians forward had a spell on trial at the Parkhead club in the summer and also played against Celtic in the Hoops' recent 4-1 friendly win in Dublin.
Three goals from Bohemians in four minutes had the makings of yet another embarrassing trip by a Welsh Premier club in Europe, very much in par with most of the other clubs in the domestic league.
Almost every aspect of the show seemed homemade, down to the cardboard placards announcing the successive arrivals of comedians, exotic dancers, musicians and Jerkus Circus' ringleaders, The Steamy Bohemians.
Judged alongside the self-supporting Dunbar-approved bohemians of Lyrics of the Hearthside, Francis Oakley is guilty of practicing a non-autonomous brand of aesthetic autonomy, of promoting a migratory route into a new modernist century fatally dependent on the quasi-feudal economics of the American racial nadir.