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Synonyms for Bohemian

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Synonyms for Bohemian

a member of a people with dark skin and hair who speak Romany and who traditionally live by seasonal work and fortunetelling

a native or inhabitant of Bohemia in the Czech Republic

a nonconformist writer or artist who lives an unconventional life

unconventional in especially appearance and behavior

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With the initiative "You Are the Champions," singers and instrumentalists can submit their take on "Bohemian Rhapsody," while dancers will get an opportunity to work on a rendition of 'Don't Stop Me Now' and visual artists are asked to design any word or phrase from the "A Kind of Magic" lyrics, reported Billboard.
There is almost nothing more elegantly bohemian than a whitelacedress.
Bohemian posted clean sheets against San Lo FC (1-0), Marista (4-0), and Sugod B (3-0) in the U9 division.
"Original Score:"Black Panther"Original Song:"Shallow"from"A Star Is Born"Production Design:"Black Panther"Cinematography:"Roma"Costume Design:"Black Panther"Makeup and Hairstyling:"Vice"Documentary Feature:"Free Solo"Sound Mixing:"Bohemian Rhapsody"
The open-air screening of Bohemian Rhapsody (rated 12A) is at Chirk Castle on July 30.
' 20th Century Fox/Released Queen's lead guitarist Brian May (left) andGwilym Lee as Brian May in 'Bohemian Rhapsody.' 20th Century Fox/Released Ben Hardy asRoger Taylor (left) and Queen's drummer Roger Taylor.
But range is one thing sorely lacking in Bryan Singer's "Bohemian Rhapsody," a slavishly conventional rock biopic that opts for the stereotypical despite a subject who devoted himself to the unconventional.
Thankfully, The Bohemians are 100% professionals when it comes to giving the crowd what they want.
If you are our lucky winner, you'll also receive a pack of exclusive Bohemian Rhapsody movie merchandise.
Therefore for Shafi, being a bohemian is being a nonconformist.
Bohemian Highways is published in conjunction with the 2015 California Preservation Foundation Annual Conference.
With this summer's bohemian trend you can afford to be a little free-spirited and mix and match colourful eclectic pieces for a style that is natural and vibrant.
One anecdote Blalock uncovered from an early book of recollections of the bohemian Pfaff years has the contrarian poet George Arnold calling for a toast to the success of the Confederacy, which riled Whitman so much that he took a swing at Arnold and started a bar brawl that Pfaff himself broke up.
In 12 essays, this study examines the connections Walt Whitman made at Pfaff's beer cellar in 1860s Manhattan with bohemian writers, artists, and intellectuals who frequented the bar, and the impact they had on him, his poetry, and his career.