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Bourgeois Boheme is one of a number of designers and retailers - including Stella McCartney, H&M, Vivienne Westwood and Asos - that recognise the demand for animalfriendly fashions and offer their customers shoes, bags, purses and belts made from modern, highquality fabrics.
The singer, who has Armenian heritage, described as France's Frank Sinatra, has written over 1,200 songs, including the internationally famous La Boheme .
"So when we were approached about La Boheme we thought it would be great for Danny to try something different.
The centerpieces of this evening, will be "La Boheme: A Portrait of Today's Oceans in Peril" and an advanced screening, "Invisible Oceans" with Director Emily Driscoll at 9pm.
John Copley's production of La Boheme recreates Paris in the 1830s from the lively Latin Quarter, where hawkers and traders ply their wares, to a draughty attic where impoverished artists live.
"We have about 30 shows of La Boheme and I think there are about 10 extras made for me with the option to re-order more if we need them as they wouldn't fit anyone else."
He plays toy maker Parpignol in the company's production of Puccini's La boheme at Llandudno.
At 31 she is still young for a soprano (a "warm-toned soprano," according to a recent glowing review in The Wall Street Journal), and she is in the middle of performing one of opera's most famous tragic heroines, Mimi in Puccini's wonderfully expressive and heartbreaking "La Boheme."
So, for anyone who wants to take their meal to another (fabulous) level, you can't go far wrong with a visit to La Boheme, in Lymm.
They were for Puccini's La Boheme by Opera North at Leeds Grand.
Since La Boheme is the most romantic of all operas, it was only fitting that Cafe La Boheme in West Hollywood would be the venue for the 2009 Valentine Romance and Oscar "Sneak Peek" Suite.
WE'VE teamed up with Ellen Kent and Amphitheatre Productions to offer six lucky readers the chance to win tickets to see Carmen and La Boheme at the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow.