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an inlet of the Yellow Sea, on the coast of Eastern China

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The study of Bohai in Russia began in 1851, when the famous Russian missionary sinologist Nikita Iakovlevich Bichurin (archimandrite Iakinf in the Orthodox Church) included the chapter titled "Accession in the Bohai kingdom" in a history of Middle-Asian ethnic groups.
The pipeline is near the Gulf of Bohai Sea, so the environmental sensitivity of the pipeline to the gulf is always focused by Qinhuangdao Pipeline Company.
Tianjin Bohai is developing the Tianjin Bohai Chemical Area along with Tianjin City government.
The large-scale deportation of Bohais started immediately: archive studies show that 94 000 Bohai households (not less than 450 000 men) were transferred to the territory of Liaoxi, Liaodong and modern Zhaouda aimak.
But while Chinese literature describes spotted seal migration routes from the Bohai Sea to the Bering Sea and back, and there haven't been any scientific articles or papers published stating that South Korea is a major summer site for China-born spotted seals.
His bank is paying pounds 66 million for the stake in Bohai, the first bank to be launched in China in 16 years.
''Pollution in the Bohai Sea and East China Sea showed a trend of degradation,'' the summary says.
The new alliance concerns the development of oil fields in the Bay of Bohai in North Eastern China and the exploration and development of gas reserves in the East China Sea.
Located on the Bohai Rim, Huludao ranks as an important port for the Chinese naval forces, and one of the few bases for developing and manufacturing advanced vessels in the nation.
An joint venture involving Foster's Brewing Group of Australia has bought the Bohai Brewery, the largest state-owned enterprise to go bankrupt in China.
7 November 2018 - Japan-based Orix Corp's aircraft leasing business, Orix Aviation Systems, has closed the acquisition of a 30% stake in Ireland-based international aircraft leasing company Avolon from Bohai Capital for USD 2.2bn, the company said.
Travel Business Review-August 13, 2018-ORIX to Acquire 30% interest in Avolon from Bohai
22, 2018, in conjunction with the company's announcements that it would pay a dividend of $250 million to its direct owner, Bohai Capital Holding Co., Ltd.
Rebisco PSL-Manila absorbed its third straight defeat, this time at the hands of Tianjin Bohai Bank of China, relegating the Filipinos Saturday to the battle for fifth to eighth places in the Asian Women's Club Volleyball Championship here.