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Synonyms for bogeyman

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Synonyms for bogeyman

an imaginary monster used to frighten children

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The old bogyman of Stalinism, which has by now surely fulfilled its function as an 'awful warning', must be finally discredited, and a new socialism developed, with all the necessary safeguards.
Moreover, the bogyman of terrorism is distracting Americans from the many failures of the Bush administration that imperil our health, welfare, and freedom.
A "presidential interpretation" that the Geneva Conventions apply, even if POW status was not extended to the Taliban (i.e., the State Department position), would put US officials and agents at risk because courts "occasionally refuse to defer to presidential interpretation." Ashcroft was goading the President with the bogyman of "activist judges," a Federalist Society obsession.
Just as Malay communal militancy has been diverted by conjuring up a neo-colonialist British bogyman as a would-be 'threat to our survival' for all Malaysians, so also does the international scene provide rich opportunities for directing Muslim militancy outwards, away from potential domestic targets such as Christian Indians, Chinese, and natives of Borneo, but also from the more secular-minded and Westernised Malays of which Dr Mahathir himself is an example.
While it's convenient to characterize Hollywood as the bogyman responsible for shoving Asian films off cinema screens, many producers and distributors in the East accept that most of the faults lie within.
And Anderson adds: "When people actually sang the hymns, the bogyman of inclusive language disappeared.
An August 19 editorial in the Arizona Republic, for example, fumed over the money that government and businesses have wasted cleaning up "the bogyman [sic] chemical," and reported that "top federal scientists now have come to the belated conclusion that [dioxin] ...
Reader, Cliff Gallo, mocked the show: "Abdoh transforms his visual assemblage into a spectacle that, ironically, makes Bogyman as banal as anything produced by the commercial mainstream.
But if the Reagan administration fell on its face, don't blame some liberal bogyman. After all, the Reagan administration steamroled liberals on everything from defense spending to deregulation.
And now the great bogyman himself, Saddam, is dead.
Yet somehow, in Betrayal, the bogyman of "Big Labor" still stalks the land.
New South Democrats have pulled off occasional victories by bringing out a decent black vote and "convincing conventional voters that a particular Republican is the bogyman," Legette says.
Stephen Glass I've always found creepy in a meaningful way--the bogyman in the journalist's closet.
Bush himself dismissed it as a mere product of "the bureaucracy," that oft-vilified bogyman of right-wing ideology.
China is the biggest bogyman on the Bush Administration's block; it's just too important as a vast Rorschach inkblot, absorbing even the wildest Republican charges.