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Synonyms for Bogota

capital and largest city of Colombia

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(17) See Sergio Guerra Vilaboy, Los artesanos en la revolucion latinoamericana, Colombia (1849-1854) (Bogota: Universidad Central, 2000); Francisco Gutierrez Sanin, Curso y discurso del movimiento plebeyo 1849/1854 (Bogota: El Ancora Editores, 1995); Fabio Zambrano Pantoja, "El golpe de Melo de 1854," and Alonso Valencia Llano, "La revolucion de Melo en las provincias del Cauca," in Las guerras civiles desde 1830 y su proyeccion en el siglo XX (Bogota: Museo Nacional de Colombia, 2001), 59-72 y 79-89.
Release date- 04092019 - Bogota, Colombia - From Manhattan's city dwellers to urban Brooklynites - the residents of New York City are as diverse as they are cultured, but sometimes everyone needs to escape the city for inspiration.
The piano he played in these videos, currently on display at the Colombian National Police Museum in Bogota and signed by Colombian soccer star James Rodriguez, will later be donated to charity in support of the scholarship fund.
Marcelo Wurmann, CEO, TCS LATAM, said, "It is with great joy and enthusiasm that we have inaugurated our new facilities in Bogota. With this we are strengthening our commitment to Colombia and Latin America and hope to keep growing with our customers, associates, and partners."
CIC's IDRs are driven by the potential support it would receive from its owner, Banco de Bogota (BBB/Stable), if required.
M2 EQUITYBITES-November 6, 2018--Volvo Buses receives order for 700 city buses for Bogota
Auto Business News-November 6, 2018--Volvo Buses receives order for 700 city buses for Bogota
Volvo Buses has in a public tender with Fanalca/Transdev and Somos K been awarded 700 city buses to Bogota in Colombia.