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Synonyms for bog

Synonyms for bog

a usually low-lying area of soft waterlogged ground and standing water

to interfere with the progress of

Synonyms for bog

wet spongy ground of decomposing vegetation

cause to slow down or get stuck


get stuck while doing something

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Investigators working to recover the bodies of the Disappeared said they have narrowed the search for the one-time Cistercian monk to 15 acres of bogland at Coghalstown, Co Meath.
They are dumping huge consignments of a deadly chemical mix into bogland and marshes which is then seeping into waterways and lakes which are a source of water supply for hundreds of piped water schemes.
Clwb Garddio: In the first programme of this new series Gerallt Pennant is in Mynydd Llandegai, near Bangor, visiting a beautiful garden created from what was formerly bogland 1,000 feet above sea level.
The Provos confirmed to the Megraw family 15 years ago that Brendan was one of the Disappeared and his body had been dumped on the bogland near Kells.
The first phase of the project aims to restore 252 hectares of bogland on the Slieve Bloom Mountains in Laois and Offaly over the next four years.
Forensic archaeologists surveyed the remote bogland a month ago.
Helen Nash, from the bogland museum A Day In The Bog, in Tralee, said: "Passports for donkeys, what has the country come to?
Offaly County Council wants a huge tract of cut-away bogland to be developed as a multi-million pounds airport to serve greater Dublin.
We're in the bogland of Ireland, the true countryside, and that's what it's all about.
DETAILED forensic and DNA tests have established that a body found in a border bogland in February is that of missing bus driver David Sullivan.
Three unsuccessful searches MURDERED Brendan Megraw covering 10 acres of the bogland have already been carried out, the most recent of which was in 2010.
A BODY found in a border bogland is feared be that of bus driver David Sullivan, who is believed to have been murdered,
Three failed searches covering 10 acres of the bogland have already been carried out for Mr Megraw.
Columba, from Dungannon, Co Tyrone, is believed to have been buried in the bogland near the Border.
The Blackwater Bog began life 12,000 years ago as land beneath a glacier, but has slowly developed into the bogland which is evident today.