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Synonyms for bog

Synonyms for bog

a usually low-lying area of soft waterlogged ground and standing water

to interfere with the progress of

Synonyms for bog

wet spongy ground of decomposing vegetation

cause to slow down or get stuck


get stuck while doing something

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(22) Set into this picturesque view, the bogland has 'lost half its dreariness', demonstrating that bogland can be aesthetically pleasing under the proper conditions.
"That bit of land is sometimes called Silly Hole, it's basically just bogland.
Other attractions include Glenveagh National Park, home to 14,000 hectares of mountain, raised bogland, lakes and woodlands, which give the area its name: Glen of the Birches.
Just as ancestors might have journeyed over bogland to the site of a saintly apparition, so Volvo-driving bibliophiles zoom to the festival where they expect to glimpse Martin Amis.
Their attention first centred on mountain bogland, both in west Tyrone and south-east Donegal.
In 1996, human skeletal remains were discovered submerged in bogland, near West Belfast.
DNA sampling was among the procedures being carried out at Dublin City Morgue to establish that the skeletal remains removed from bogland in the border town of Colgagh were those of two young men murdered in 1978.
However, no further contact was made and less than half an hour later the plane's wreckage was found in dense woodland and bogland at Ballaghassan.
NORTHERN IRELAND Dr Jim McGreevy of National Museums Northern Ireland, with 3,000-year-old gold jewellery unearthed in bogland by an amateur treasure hunter.
Six machines had been moved on to the protected bogland on Friday night and work to extract the fuel began at dawn.
Mrs Wells wants the council to stop an application to build houses on the Morfa bogland.
It was built on 121 acres of reformed bogland, 103 of which were on the Bute Estate, and includes an artificial lake.: The best parks in Britain:Overall winner: Lister Park, Bradford North East: Saltwell Park, Gateshead Midlands: Bradwell Crematorium, Newcastle- under-Lyme East: Castle Park, Colchester South West: Stover Country Park & Local Nature Reserve South East: Alexandra Park, Hastings London: King Edward Memorial Park, East London North West: Heaton Park, Manchester Scotland: Botanic Gardens, Glasgow Wales: Victoria Park, Cardiff.
Every inch of bogland around Lough Mourne, Lough Eske and other rivers has been searched.
Another is bogland near the border in Co Monaghan which the IRA claims contains the bodies of Mr Brian McKinney, aged 23, and John McClory, aged 17, also from Belfast, who were murdered in 1978.