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Synonyms for bogeyman

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Synonyms for bogeyman

an imaginary monster used to frighten children

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they all have a hard luck tale, a bogey man out to get them
The Bogey Man, a mythical creature used by adults to frighten their children into good behaviour is the third most popular scary figure to frighten children in Birmingham whilst they are sleeping.
All internal mentions of Warner's study, even the headings on each left-hand page of the volume, still reference Bogey Man. Thus, although Warner's afterword does reveal a number of interesting later thoughts on her topic, no one who read the original should feel an overwhelming need to purchase this volume.
When you were a child, you probably believed in a lot of things like the tooth fairy, the bogey man and the Easter Bunny.
Chancellor Gordon Brown has been singled out as the bogey man and is their target on a massive billboard during the forthcoming Assembly election campaign.
Carbon dioxide has become the "enemy of the people" while the real culprit is the lack of elementary training of the politicians who like to hide their considerable errors by inventing a bogey man. He keeps the mind focused away from the truth.
GLYNN HURST came off the bench after a month out with injury and proved once again to be Rovers' bogey man.
He played quarterback for the Detroit Lions (Paper Lion), joined the PGA circuit (The Bogey Man).
Mr Conlon has got distinctly sniffy about this remark and clearly thinks I am some sort of bogey man. So, may I most emphatically state, not only was my salmon a triumph of the culinary art and not to be sneezed at, I am also happy to report that it wasn't sneezed in, either.
Are we going to go through this all over again now the USA has found a brand new bogey man?
By accentuating the positive effects of global commerce, they hope to show that the left's new bogey man has no clothes.
We are doubly disappointed because the reduction in the funding was prompted not by any determination that the funds would be ill-spent, but by the bogey man of the 1990s "budget reality."
Bogey Man - PS4.99 from CREATE your Halloween bakes using one of these gruesome yet rather comical gadgets that's designed to separate egg whites from the yolks.
Just place these paintable minizombies in an attack formation and await the apocalypse | Box O Zombie, PS8.99, Create your Halloween bakes using one of these gruesome yet comical gadgets that's designed to separate eggs | Bogey Man, PS4.99, Pop a set of these in your mouth and the transformation from suited office worker to terrifying beast will be complete | Scary teeth, PS5.99, Hey, who said playing dress-up is just for the kids?
Your grandparents could well have told their children the Diddymen will come if they get out of bed and it may have been connected to the Knotty Ash invention, but it was a personal saying years ago that kids were threatened with maybe Nicky Knocks will come, or the bogey man or Billy Wind.