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Synonyms for Bogart

United States film actor (1899-1957)

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The actions of Mr Bogart have changed our lives forever.'' Mr Bowers had been de-icing the windscreen of the vehicle on his driveway when Bogart, who had been wandering the streets, jumped in and drove off in it.
With USD 230m in consolidated sales in 2018 for The Bogart Group, Delta Galil expects the deal to show a profit in the second half of 2019 and to be accretive to earnings in 2020.
Meghan is said to have had a soft spot for animals since she was a child and rescued Guy and Bogart from a dog rescue centre in Los Angeles while she was with her first husband film producer Trevor Engelson.
I'm sitting there holding him and she's like, 'Have you thought of a name for him yet?' And I said, 'Well, I think I'd name him Bogart,'" she said.
Caption: The Babushkas of Chernobyl, by Holly Morris and Anne Bogart, was screened at the 2017 Female Eye festival in Toronto.
'Bogart is one of my favorite actors,' Annette said.
They married the following year and their son Stephen was named after Bogart's character in the film.
4 LAUREN BACALL AND HUMPHREY BOGART A 19-year-old Bacall met Bogart, 45, on the set of To Have and Have Not in 1944.
While Seventh Heaven and Humphrey Bogart may go on to acquit themselves well Epsom next month, it was the compliment Humphrey Bogart paid to So Mi Dar that made the biggest impact on ante-post markets.
With or without Bogart, Bacall made a lasting impression.
That leaves us with a shortlist of Duke Of Firenze, Bogart, Kimberella, Chilworth Icon and Fairway To Heaven.
She asked: "Which actor won an Oscar even though the part had to change from a Cockney to Canadian when he couldn't do the accent?" The answer is Humphrey Bogart. He was picked to play Charlie Allnut in The African Queen, based on the 1935 novel by CS Forester.
Amy Ryan gets on extremely well with BOGART (2.40) and the duo can take the William Hill Silver Cup.