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a soft thin absorbent paper for use in toilets

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"It breaks my heart to see all that bog roll go to waste," chirped McCabe.
Now, call me daft, but I wouldn't think the pubs would have to waste our hard-earned on the paper to advertise the fact that the game would happen to be live on the big screen - it's like advertising the fact that there would be bog roll in the Gents.
I'm assuming that boggin' is derived from the term "bog," which, over there, means toilet ("bog roll" = TP), and this one will definitely kill some time on the shitter.
Even in advertising, the mechanics of bog roll use are particularly avoided.
The pupils had to take part in unusual tasks including the bubble gum challenge and the bog roll challenge.
He's about as scary as a puppy romping in bog roll.
A home bunker of two-ply willinsulate you when the fuel runs out,is easily-defendable against looters, and as we've just learned the UK has only 3 weeks' supply of bog roll at any one time it'll provide you with vital, and highly-lucrative, supplies.
To portray themselves as victims yet not mention the vandalism of Parkhead's toilets made their latest statement not worth the bog roll it was written on.
I used to sit on the pan then lean my head on the bog roll. I always denied that I was sleeping until one day they noticed the imprint of the toilet roll pattern was across my forehead.
So we each ended up with a daily ration of four slices of bread, one grating of cheese and five sheets of bog roll. If we stuck to this, we would survive to Saturday when we leave.
Oh, what a tangled web And Steve buys bog roll, then proposes marriage to Michelle.
I've made straw into gold for that one using an old bog roll, some sticky tape, straw and gold ribbon.
He has consistently denied collaborating on, 'Sweet Revenge: The Intimate Life of Simon Cowell' - because of the black bog roll revelation, and I believe him.
She enjoyed hearing about the company's charitable activities - including its legendary Giant Bog Roll Push, which involved directors, employees and their families pushing a roll of loo paper - weighing in at 325 kilos and big enough to provide 4,400 ordinary toilet rolls - around a six-and-half mile route.
"I don't want us to be associated with mainstream products, hair products or bog roll music.