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Synonyms for Habenaria

chiefly terrestrial orchids with tubers or fleshy roots often having long slender spurs and petals and lip lobes

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Discover the wonderful variety of plant and animal life in the company of a Countryside Ranger, and help to find the very rare bog orchid. Meet at Pont ar Elan at 2pm.
They also sell companion plants that grow in moist environments, including such delicate beauties as gentians, bog orchids, two species of violets and even cranberry shrubs.
"There was a population of Bog Orchids at the Elan Valley in Radnorshire.
It also supports localised areas of blanket bog, which has a diverse range of plant species including the nationally rare Bog Orchids. The area is also recognised for its wide range of upland bird species.
DINOSAUR, COLO.--As a result of an inholder allowing cattle to roam along the river at Dinosaur National Monument, willows and other wetland vegetation have been stripped bare, rare alcove bog orchids have been lost, and microbiotic crusts that prevent erosion have been crushed.
You'll find the usual flowers--Indian paintbrush, fireweed, and penstemon--and the unusual--white bog orchids and pink elephant heads.