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an automatic double-barreled antiaircraft gun

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It is a different matter that the Bofors gun proved its mettle when the Vajpayee government succeeded in liberating Kargil heights the Pakistanis had captured primarily because of its own inability to notice in time the Pakistani regulars capturing an area larger than the Delhi state.
Caption: Clockwise from above, left: one of LST-325's 40mm Bofors guns; the ship's bow doors are open and its ramp is lowered for a view of the Ohio River; the troop berths on the second deck accommodated non-crew GIs being transported on the ship.
A mock-up of a Bofors gun would be put in golf-ball shaped buildings called dome trainers.
In minutes her soldiers were ashore and the Bofors guns went bouncing up the beach and out of sight.
BAE Land Systems that now owns the Swedish firm manufacturing the Bofors guns had tied up with Mahindra to bid for 1,580 howitzers of 155mm/52calibre.
The Congress has seen to it that Octavio Quattrochi, an Italian and known to be close to Congress president Sonia Gandhi, is off the list of those who received payoffs for buying Bofors guns from Sweden.
It is the story of a small Royal Artillery unit on the South Coast manning a pair of Bofors guns. The hero is Captain James Bevan, a lonely, rather tragic figure who has known much heartache in his life, as we learn in flashback, but who is thoroughly decent and craves only love and security.
He was missing since January 17 after being summoned by the CBI in connection with the alleged supply of Chinese-spare parts for production of indigenised Bofors guns used by the Army.
The bid for 814 mounted guns is the first big artillery tender in nearly three decades since the scandal-hit Swedish Bofors guns deal in 1987.
He had willy-nilly given an impression that Gandhi and his family were guilty of accepting bribe for purchasing Bofors guns, whose value the nation realized during the Kargil war.
In 1990, when Canada had to hastily refit a small naval task force for service in the Persian Gulf, a number of Bofors guns destined for museums were hastily recalled and installed on our frigates and destroyers to increase their air defence capability.
India has not procured artillery guns since the purchase of the Bofors guns in the mid- 1980s.
Bofors was a scam but Rafale is not one," a combative Sitharaman said, referring to the scandal involving purchase of Bofors guns during the tenure of Rahul's father Rajiv Gandhi as Prime Minister in late 1980s, which led to the fall of his government.
On two previous occasions, the government had to abandon purchase of howitzers, of the kind made famous by the acquisition of Bofors guns in the 1980s.
The crews on Esquimalt harbour's two Bofors guns stood briskly at the alert for some hours, but nothing developed.