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an automatic double-barreled antiaircraft gun

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Yet, Gandhi lost the election in 1989 at the hands of his former finance minister VP Singh, who raised a banner of revolt on the plea that the 1986 deal in which India bought Bofors guns worth Rs 1,437 crore was shady.
During the war in 1944, anti-aircraft units were taught how to fire Bofors guns using similar methods to today's video games - only everything was life-size.
Some progress has been made on the development of an indigenous version of the Bofors gun, which is being developed at the gun carriage factory in Jabalpur.
Later on his reputation was badly tarnished by allegations of corruption regarding the infamous Bofors gun scandal in which some opposition members dragged his name into the mud although nothing substantial was ever proved against him.
Expressing delight over the final exoneration of Amitabh Bachchan's name in the Bofors Gun case, his wife and Samajwadi Party lawmaker Jaya Bachchan on Wednesday said the truth had finally come out in the open.
Every night, sleeping fitfully in the lobby with Rags, as the terrible racket went on overhead: the whistling, the crump, then the explosion; the ack-ack guns in the local park, and the distinctive sound of the Bofors gun, like a book being slammed shut.
Ruby, who was 21, proved adept at the most highly skilled job in the Royal Ordnance Factory in Newport, South Wales ( that of cutting the screw on the breech ring for a Bofors gun.
After that came "The Bofors Gun" and an American production, Larry Peerce's "A Separate Peace," for Paramount.
It was the liberated mood in the cinema industry that gave him his best openings in the 60s with Georgy Girl, starring James Mason, Alan Bates and Lynn Redgrave, and the Bofors Gun, a harrowing and claustrophobic examination of conflict in the British Army in post-war Germany, starring Nicol Williamson, Ian Holm and David Warner.
In addition there was a Bofors gun which used to run up and down the railway line in Hillfields.
Mind you, it could be a rough flight in to York as they pass over Messrs Hills and Drowne on the ack-ack battery and Kim Tinkler blazing away on the Bofors gun. But if you hand out the flak, you've got to be able to take it.
Matters are different when the next calibre down is considered, namely 40 mm and involving the well-known Bofors Gun. And for quite some time the venerable, visual engagement-only twin-barrelled M42 from America was one of the most important mobile air defence systems in service anywhere.
Bofors designed a cupola to shield the Visby's Bofors gun. Its barrel is exposed for only a few seconds when it is fired.
Summary: Dras (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], July 24 (ANI): Following Kargil Diwas celebrations, Indian Army personnel on Wednesday gave a demonstration here of a Bofors gun, which was used in the empathetic victory of Kargil war.