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The boffins, however, are adamant that a study of 73 people, aged 50 to 83, has revealed a clear link between bonking and brain power.
They are extremely dense - equivalent to the whole human race squeezed on to a teaspoon, boffins say.
Wow, I'm glad our boffins aren't wasting their education.
Get rid of the boffins and pay for the gritters and the grit as they were hopeless this time round.
While people-oriented accountants are more numerous, the profession will always have room for Technical Boffins.
I am not sure if a boffin is more or less intelligent than a genius.
Space Boffins also made headlines after breaking the news that the Mullard Space Science Laboratory was going to try and re-establish contact with Prospero, the first and only British satellite to be launched from a British rocket.
To reach the conclusion, boffins polled more than 340,000 people in the US, asking subjects to rank their overall life satisfaction and answer more specific questions about their emotions on the previous day.
But it wouldn't be surprising if the boffins at Uxbridge HQ were giving themselves a bigger pat on the back for the reprise of the Wispa bar.
Boffins from Belfield hope to settle the dispute by creating 'extinction rooms' to mimic the environments of our prehistoric past.
Once the Boffins become caretakers of incredible wealth, however, Boffin begins to make himself worthy of the wealth.
Once seen as the preserve of maths boffins, the subject is being revamped by the Engineering Explained project.
It is a symbolic accomplishment, Indian money boffins admit, but it "keeps India in a different league in terms of investor confidence," according to one Merrill Lynch analyst.
In the second article, "Boffins at Bomber Command: The Role of Operations Research in Decision-Making," Colonel Randy Wakelam, a Canadian soldier-scholar, demonstrates that Sir Arthur "Bomber" Harris was not the loner depicted in most histories, but depended greatly upon his boffins.
Transport boffins and government mandarins are waking up to the fact that the crippling congestion actually affects people's lives rather than just 'UK plc' statistics.