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a white native of Cape Province who is a descendant of Dutch settlers and who speaks Afrikaans

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A little longer, and the shaggy Boer was in our midst upon his shaggy pony, with a half-scared, half-incredulous look in his deep-set eyes.
But Raffles paid no attention to their fire; he was pointing downward through the bushes to where Corporal Connal stood with his back to us, shooing a last charger out of the mouth of the donga towards the Boer trenches.
The link with Boer settlement and the influence of the British royalty forms the unique history and heritage of Eldoret, the industrial hub and tourist destination of the North Rift.Most of the old buildings made of red bricks have retained their character in the town that came into being as a result of the occupation by Boers.
The prosecutor's memo asserts that Jackie Boer was involved in the manufacture and sale of marijuana between 1978 and 1985, and failed to report income from his drug sales during a three-year period ending in 1984, a year for which the Boers did not file a tax return.
Descended from Dutch and French Huguenot (Protestant) settlers, the Boers were a determined and resolute foe who believed that they were chosen by God as a special people.
of the North, South Africa) attempts to distinguish fact and legend about the Long Toms, four cannons employed by the Boers during the war, by discovering the sites where the Long Toms were destroyed by the Boers.
"Common prayers," Arthur Boers writes, "keep reminding me that God is present, at work, and reliable" (17).
But some 18 years later the British pursued a 'scorched earth' policy in attempting to regain the lands claimed by the Boers. While initially the Boers had some successes they started to face big losses and eventually decided to abandon the British style of face-to-face armed combat.
Thousands of neutered Boers are now being used as show animals in 4-H and FFA.
From July 1901, more than 4,600 Boers were held prisoner in the Bermudas, situated in the Atlantic Ocean about 600 miles from the North American continent and halfway between the West Indies and Canada.
In The Brunt of the War, initially aimed at a British readership and intended to convert readers to sympathy with the Boers, Hobhouse had interspersed the Boer women's narratives with quotations from British government documents that corroborated the stories.
I regarded them as wonderful storytellers, the old Boers who lived in the Marico district twenty years ago.
Yet, despite their sufferings, the Boers were ready to accept the actof union as a reasonably just solution of the South African problem.
As a result many Boers (voortrekkers or pioneers) migrated north to establish their own republics, the Transvaal and the Orange Free State.