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If the lesion includes all the layers of the esophagus, it is called Boerhaave's syndrome, whereas if it only includes the mucosal layer, it is called the Mallory-Weiss syndrome (7, 8).
The emergency physician should think of Boerhaave's syndrome in the presence of sudden chest pain and subcutaneous emphysema, following heaving and vomiting.
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DISCUSSION: Boerhaave's syndrome refers to post emetic transmural esophageal perforation.
Even though Boerhaave's syndrome typically manifests as mediastinitis and sepsis, there are reported cases of pneumothorax (5), hydropneumothorax (6), heamothorax (7,8) secondary to esophageal rupture.
While frequently used as a screening examination, radiographs are often nonspecific for Boerhaave's syndrome. CT of the chest with intravenous and oral contrast provides greater diagnostic sensitivity and specificity.