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Boerhaave's syndrome was first defined by a Dutch physician, Boerhaave, in 1704.
Rochford M, Kiernan TJ (2007) Images in emergency medicine, Boerhaave's syndrome (spontaneous esophageal rupture).
Minimally invasive management of Boerhaave's syndrome.
Just as surprisingly, these things were seemingly accepted as matter-of-fact, mixed in, as they were, with gunshot wounds, pulmonary emboli, malignant hypertension, tension pneumothorax, seizures, peritonsillar abscesses, Boerhaave's syndrome, tubal pregnancy, and so on.
Boerhaave's syndrome and children: a rare and unexpected combination.
INTRODUCTION: Boerhaave's syndrome is a severe form of transmural tear with perforation of esophagus occurring in response to an acute increase in intra-abdominal pressure and accentuation of the intragastric-to-intrathoracic pressure gradient.
Boerhaave's syndrome was originally described by Hermann Boerhaave in 1724.