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Synonyms for Afrikaner

a white native of Cape Province who is a descendant of Dutch settlers and who speaks Afrikaans

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belonging or relating to white people of South Africa whose ancestors were Dutch or to their language


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The Boeren are also brimming with goals having notched 52 times in 17 games this term with 31 of them coming at the Philips Stadium.
offers a shorted and translated version of his 2008 Boeren in Nederland; geschiedenis van de landbouw 1500-2000, for English readers in their own countries, but especially those visiting Wageningen.
Saturday night is also the night to catch the Dutch trumpeter/cornetist Eric Boeren and his quartet at the Side Cafe down on the Quayside.
The literature also sensitized us to other targets for treatment such as fear of pain (Vlaeyen, Kole-Snijders, Boeren & Van Eek, 1995; Crombez, Vlaeyen, Heuts, & Lysens, 1999) and catastrophizing (Turner, Jensen & Romano, 2000; Thorn, Boothy & Sullivan, 2002).
However, there are limitations as there is a danger that the topics of study are insufficiently relevant to the local institutions and/or the formal position of the training recipient (see Boeren, 2005).
14) All the actors on the South African stage during the period of white hegemony step forward in Fram's long poems: Boeren, which, for example, paints a perceptive portrait of the rural Afrikaner, (15) while William Scott is, for its time, an insightful tribute to those whites struggling courageously to advance the emancipation of the blacks.
Beeld van de andere, Vertoog over het zelf: Over Wilden en narren, Boeren en bedelaars (exhibition catalogue, Antwerp, 1987); De kleuren van de geest: Dans en trance in Afro-Europese Tradities (Ghent, 1997).
Nightingale together with European players Bert Boeren and Marc Godfroid, a rhythm team comprising John Horler on piano, Mark Hodgson on bass and Clark Tracey on drums, a night at the Pizza Express in Dean St, Soho, and a recording machine running makes up a thoroughly enjoyable disc.
I am delighted that ADB has chosen Robeco to act as investment manager of this exciting joint venture platform, Leni Boeren, member of the Management Board of Robeco said.
Het media-offensief van de Nederlandse pro-Boerorganisaties had dan ook wel iets weg van een guerrilla-oorlog, net als de strijd van de Boeren tegen het Britse leger.
Een grote vlucht neemt het schrijven van zulke ego-documenten vanaf 1836, als de Grote Trek begint naar het Noorden, waar de Boeren hun republieken stichten.