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a white native of Cape Province who is a descendant of Dutch settlers and who speaks Afrikaans

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Menezes and Boere compare the performance to a short film that pulls the viewer out of time and onto a sensorial journey.
Hier [...] 'n naturel is wat die ekonomiese stryd van de Boere aan die Rand van naby leer ken het.
In contrast, the 2013 CAP agreement commits the European Union (EU) countries to a single payment based on farm size, irrespective of crop or output (Boere and van Kooten, 2015).
Bridesmaids were Anna Bishop; Livija Boere ma, sister of the groom; Emily Byrd; Emily Cole; Rachel Cooley; Laurel Donahoo; Kate Graham; Ashleigh Greenhaw; Jessica Holmes; Courtney Jones; Elizabeth McCraw; Keely McNulty;
The irony is that in post-apartheid South Africa there is still a minority of die-hard ideologues within the very corpus of the ruling African National Council (ANC), who still see rugby as a symbol of racially-motivated sporting dominance and the oppression by the Boere (Afrikaners) of the Blacks, Coloureds, Cape Malays and Indians.
Another ex-SS officer, Heinrich Boere, began a life sentence in 2011 for murdering three Dutch civilians.
In die taalkontaksituasie tussen die Khoi-Khoin en die vryburgerboere het die boere se taal van ongeveer 1680 af 'n dominante rol gespeel, en het die Khoi-Khoin hul taal aangeleer.
Heinrich Boere was taken by ambulance from the old people's home where he had been living to a detention facility.
He is talking of taking the farms from the Boere, who include significant numbers of motivated and efficient farmers, whereas most people, and even most Boere, shun farming and want the city life.
Ben Boere. along with a Transco sales technician suggested a lighter weight design for the 72-inch tool.
* Heinrich Boere, convicted Nazi war criminal, lost his appeal in a German court.
A spokesman for the court in the western city of Aachen confirmed the verdict against Heinrich Boere for the three killings, which were carried out in the Netherlands in 1944.
Heinrich Boere, who joined Hitler's Waffen SS after his country was invaded in World War II, was sentenced to life in prison.