Boer War

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either of two wars: the first when the Boers fought England in order to regain the independence they had given up to obtain British help against the Zulus (1880-1881)

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"It is celebrating some occasion whether it was the end of the Boer War or some sort of celebration of World War One.
A service was held to honour Sgt Major Charles Parker who was awarded the Victoria Cross in 1900 on behalf of all the men in the Royal Horse Artillery during the Boer War.
Richard Davie, of International Autograph Auctions, said: "It is history combining the Boer War and the man who had an impact on two world wars."
Veterans of the Boer War returned to Redcar and a civic welcome in 1902.
The artifacts range from uniforms to weaponry to Canadian-produced Boer War memorabilia.
As a result, the British colluded in effectively denying Africans the political franchise in the Transvaal and Orange Free State for the forseeable future: See Ingham, Jan Smuts: The Conscience of South Africa 37-41; see also Thomas Pakenham, The Boer War (New York, 1976), 596-97.
David Nash argues that opposition to the Second Boer War began the tradition of peace politics that has flourished through the twentieth century
The Boer War finally came to an end on May 31, 1902, with the Treaty of Vereenigung.
AN envelope sent to Dalton from Africa in 1900 by a British soldier during the Boer War sold for PS160 at an auction in London.
Two Boer War medals, pictured, were taken when a bag was stolen from a car parked in a car in Blyth, Northumberland.
Two Boer War medals were taken when a bag was stolen from a car parked in a car in Blyth, Northumberland.
THE Second Boer War of 1899 grabbed the passions of the British public in a way that no other war had done before.
RAY Winstone grizzles his way through this turn-ofthe-century chase thriller as a Boer War veteran whose first job after arriving in New Zealand is to hunt down a suspected murderer.
A SOUTH African historian is touring Merseyside to explain why a stand at Liverpool FC's Anfield ground was named after a bloody Boer War battle.
Camile Nertny has e-mailed us with this plea: In the oldest part of Redcar Cemetery, which was established in 1874 there is a Boer War (1899-1902) memorial.