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a district of ancient Greece to the northwest of Athens

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Pronouncing himself "perfectly sure" that the oral history of the jumping frog he had collected in Angel's Camp was a faithful record of an event that had occurred in 1849, he averred that he was likewise "sure" that "its duplicate happened in Boeotia a couple thousand years ago." According to Twain, it was "a case of history actually repeating itself and not a case of a good story floating down through the ages and surviving because too good to be allowed to perish" (1894, 447-48).
The Epigraphy and History of Boeotia: New Finds, New Prospects
In some areas, such as Boeotia, the man and boy were formally joined together and lived as a couple.
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Sparta would be cut off from its major ally on land--Thebes, in Boeotia. Also, through Megara's port on the Crisaean Gulf, Pegae, Athens had now established a base for expansion in the west.
The victim is a 37-year old father of two children who was shot by an AK-47 rifle when he and his colleagues approached a car to check the driver's license at a roadblock set up at Boeotia prefecture, some 150 kilometers Western of Athens.
Neither the stadium in Orchomenos, where Ladas probably trained during the Spartan campaign in Boeotia, was preserved.