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a very large jet plane

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Fresh from the paint bay at Dublin Airport, the BOAC Boeing 747 flew directly to Heathrow on February 18.
The Boeing 747 is the former KLM aircraft City of Bangkok that will be given a new final destination in the hotel garden after 30 years of reliable service.
The aircraft will leave the paint shop in Dublin and arrive in to Heathrow on February 18, before entering service the following day which coincides with the 50th anniversary of the first Boeing 747 flight only a few days earlier.
Boeing has delivered more than 500 Boeing 747 aircraft since 1970 and 500 of them are still in operations.
It is the first time a Boeing 747 has landed at St Athan.
The US-built plane is the fourth-generation Boeing 747 model.
Spokesman of Iran's Aviation Organization Reza Jafarzadeh had informed in September 2009 that Iran had developed the capability to fix Boeing 747 passenger planes thanks to the sanctions imposed by the US on Iran's air industries.
Both Aeroflot and Transaero operate long-haul services and the latter has been raising its capacity substantially through the acquisition of Boeing 747 and 777 aircraft.
.A LONDON-BOUND Qantas Boeing 747 returned to Bangkok shortly after take-off due to mechanical problems in the sixth incident to affect a Qantas airplane in a week.
In another incident yesterday, a Boeing 747 had to be taken out of service to replace a screw in the plane's tail.
Passengers on the Qantas Boeing 747 had to wear oxygen masks when the gaping hole appeared in the jet 30,000ft up.
In 1996, all 351 people on a Saudi Arabian Airlines Boeing 747 and a Kazakh Airlines Russian cargo plane died in a mid-air collision just outside New Delhi.
The accident, involving a JAL Boeing 747 on a flight from Tokyo to Naha, Okinawa and a JAL DC-10 bound to Narita airport from Pusan, South Korea, injured 42 passengers and crew members, some of them seriously, on the Boeing 747 flight.
The film was used by Lockerbie trial witness Professor Christopher Peel, 54, to show how a small explosion can destroy a Boeing 747.
The Boeing 747, with almost 70 meters in length and a span of nearly 60 meters, offered space for 365 passengers at Lufthansa.