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a very large jet plane

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Boeing has delivered more than 500 Boeing 747 aircraft since 1970 and 500 of them are still in operations.
It is the first time a Boeing 747 has landed at St Athan.
Imposing sanctions on the air industry (of Iran) by the US has made the Iranian experts acquire the knowledge and know-how for repairing Boeing 747 airplanes, "Spokesman of Iran's Aviation Organization Reza Jafarzadeh told FNA.
None of Dryden's hangars can handle an aircraft the size of a Boeing 747, so officials are looking nearby.
In 1992, a Libyan airliner and an air force MiG-23 fighter collided, killing all 157 on board the Boeing 747.
Saudi Arabian Air and Kazak Airlines Boeing 747 and Ilyushin 76TD were involved in a mid-air collision near Charki Dadri, India on November 12, 1996 with 349 killed.
Through Atlas and Polar, AAWW operates the world's largest fleet of Boeing 747 freighter aircraft.
The Qatar Airways Cargo fleet includes eight Airbus A330 freighters,12 Boeing 777 freighters and one Boeing 747 freighter.
EVA has 56 planes, with the major carriers being Boeing 777-300ERs introduced in 2003 and Airbus A320-200s introduced in 2005, as well as having flown passenger and cargo planes as the Boeing 747 and MD-90s for nearly two decades.
The non-stop daily flight from Terminal 5 of London Heathrow to Las Vegas will be served with a Boeing 747 with a new four-class configuration, economy, premium economy, business class, and for the first time on this route, first class.
The project involves installing a 48,000-pound telescope into a Boeing 747, making it the world's largest portable telescope.
The Singapore Airlines Boeing 747 had to abandon plans to land to avoid the BAC One Eleven aircraft which had taken off for Bergamo in Italy.
The TWA Boeing 747 passenger jet plunged into the Atlantic on July 17, 1996, killing 230 people .
A British Airways Boeing 747 screeched to a halt before take-off at Chicago last May when a United Airlines jet strayed into its path.
Through Atlas Air and Polar, AAWW operates the world's largest fleet of Boeing 747 freighter aircraft.