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Other species with moderate to high sample frequency only provided minor ground cover: Bidens aristosa (bearded beggarticks), Boehmeria cylindrica (smallspike false nettle), Brunnichia ovata (American buckwheatvine), and Mikania scandens (climbing hempvine).
Polygonum virginianum and Boehmeria cylindrica had the highest importance indices although they were both <0.
comosus, Antiaris toxicaria, Boehmeria nivea, Borassus flabellifer,
Monoecious dicots are in the genera Boehmeria, Dysopsis, and Urtica, and there are several monoecious Cyperaceae.
Herbaceous plants found in the meadow were Agrimonia parviflora, Amphicarpaea bracteata, Asclepias incarnata, Boehmeria cylindrica, Cardamine bulbosa, Cuscuta gronovii, Eupatorium perfoliatum, Impatiens spp.
By the end of July, this area supports an abundance of Laportea canadensis (wood nettle) and Boehmeria cylindrica (false nettle).
The dominant species at this time are Boehmeria cylindrica, Campanula americana, Circaea lutetiana, Collinsonia canadensis, Eupatorium rugosum, Helianthus decapetalus (along the edge and in open areas), Impatiens spp.
The herbaceous plant community of Gymnopilus Meadow is large, varied, and includes Ambrosia trifida, Apocynum cannabinum, Bidens vulgata, Boehmeria cylindrica, Campanula americana, Carex spp.
As they dry, the most frequent plants inhabiting them are Boehmeria cylindrica, Laportea canadensis, Menispermum canadense, Pilea pumila, and Sium suave.
Boehmeria cylindrica, Campsis radicans, Pilea pumila, and Sium suave grow toward the edges of West Vernal Pool.