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German mystic and theosophist who founded modern theosophy

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Thanks to Christine Wunnicke's minutely detailed writing, eloquently reflected in Philip Boehms translation from the German, the atmosphere of the book envelops you and takes you along on this strange journey.
Alex Boehm singled on a 3-2 count, scoring one run.
Boehm, who joined PWP in February 2019, is based in New York and will be responsible for all technology services and infrastructure across the firm's global businesses.
Cancer care company Nordic Nanovector ASA (OSE: NANO) disclosed on Wednesday that at its Annual General Meeting, held on 30 May 2018, oncology expert Rainer Boehm, MD was elected as a member of the company's board of directors.
Boehm had shipped the grill on a hunch: He knew the boxer had been known for scarfing down a couple of burgers before his bouts.
On Saturday night, Boehm reportedly argued with his partner about his drinking habits.
When Boehm graduated from high school, all he wanted to do was to study ceramics at the University of Halle, an institution proud of its Bauhaus history.
With attentiveness, Boehm, Holcomb, and contributing essayists draw out meaning from the featured pieces: a phylactery said to contain a bit of Jesus's cross; a fragment from Salah ad-Din's intricate Al-Aqsa midbar; sketches from Maimonides made upon his visit to the city.
Q Could you tell me what sort of value some porcelain plates and animal figures by the American artist Boehm have.
"The Lamentations of Zeno" by German novelist Ilija Trojanow is deftly translated into English for an appreciative American readership by Philip Boehm. A compelling and complex work, "The Lamentations of Zeno" is an consistently compelling read from beginning to end.
Este grupo morfologico de hongos pertenece a los ordenes Hysteriales, Mytilinidiales, Pattelariales y Pleosporales de la clase Dothideomycetes del Phylum Ascomycota (Kirk et al., 2008; Boehm et al., 2009a,b).
According to inn President Judge Maryann Boehm, the filming of the documentary slated to debut at the gala is underway but not yet completed.
Dr Marcus Boehm, researcher in the optoelectronics group at the University of Cambridge, says: "The PDS became a key technique that we've been using for our solar cell research over the past three years.
Barone announced the acquisition of the US-based porcelain art creator Edward Marshall Boehm Porcelain Co., Barone said.
Margret Boehm hosted on May 20 a ceremony of presenting a fire-truck to the Embassy of Kyrgyzstan, the press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kyrgyzstan reported Thursday.