Anicius Manlius Severinus Boethius

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a Roman who was an early Christian philosopher and statesman who was executed for treason


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Here, we might be reminded of Lady Philosophy assuring Boece that "vertues ne be not wythout mede.
34) Boece, Contre Eutyches et Nestorius, Prooemium, 67.
Chaucer's Boece and the Medieval Tradition of Boethius.
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The influence of Ammonius is noted by Axel Tisserand, in his Pars Theologica: Logique et Theologique chez Boece (Paris: Vrin, 2008), 407.
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Comme clles descendent de la litterature et du tableau, elles y menent aussi, par le biais d'une comparison pour laquelle Borges dit s'appuyer sur le De consolatione philosophiae de Boece.
In Chaucer's Boece, the word "librarye" is used twice early in the treatise (Bo Bk1 Prosa 4 14 and Bk1 Prosa 5 39-40).
Et lors me vint entre mains Un livre que moult amay, Car il m'osta hors d'esmay Et de desolacion: Ce ert De Consolacion Boece, le prouffitable Livre qui tant est notable.
A triangulus de Columelle correspond chez Hygin triangularis, terme dont on a ici, peut-etre, l'occurrence la plus ancienne puisqu'il ne se retrouvera que chez des auteurs tardifs : Chalcidius (1, 12; 1, 38; 1, 39), Jean Cassien (deux occurrences); Martianus Capella (6, 579); Dracontius (une occurrence), Boece (Inst.
Alcuin, dans la personne du Magister, expose ensuite la definition philosophique du nomen, tiree du premier commentaire du Perihermeneias par Boece (philosophicam definitionem nominis).
Nicholas Trevet's popular commentary on Boethius's Consolatio, upon which Chaucer relied, along with Jean de Meun's translation, when writing his Boece (and which also influenced his poem "Fortune") points to a contemporary source for the prevalent belief in Boethius's specific concerns about luxury in general and luxury ornament in particular.
Un Orphee aux Enfers neoplatonicien: a propos d'un poeme de Boece.
As for the story that the surname Turnbull is derived from a William of Rule who was renamed Turnbull after saving King Robert the Bruce from a rampaging bull, this originated in the writings of the 16th Century historian Boece.