Anicius Manlius Severinus Boethius

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a Roman who was an early Christian philosopher and statesman who was executed for treason


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There is much argument as to whether Hector Boece, chronicler and principal of Kings College was correct in stating that "in order to leave no place of refuge for the English in Aberdeen, they levelled the castle to the ground", shortly after routing the occupiers.
(4) Notable early modern publications with references to Boudicca include Polydore Vergil's English History (circa 1512-13; published 1534), Hector Boece's Chronicles of Scotland (1531), Raphael Holinshed's Chronicles (1587), William Camden's Brittania (1610 in English), Fletcher's Bonduca, Heywood's Exemplary Lives, and John Milton's The History of Britain (1670).
Radu Negru is the main character of the second novel of Vintila Horia's trilogy which comprises the following novels Dieu est ne en exil (Dumnezeu s-a nascut in exil), Le chevalier de la resignation (Cavalerul resemnarii, dating from 1961) and Persecutez Boece! In the above mentioned novel, Radu Negru leaves his homeland, wandering among strangers in order to save his own family.
For Chaucer's translation of this passage, see Chaucer, Boece, in The Riverside Chaucer, Book 3, Meter 2 (pp.
(61.) The influence of Ammonius is noted by Axel Tisserand, in his Pars Theologica: Logique et Theologique chez Boece (Paris: Vrin, 2008), 407.
(1963) "La distinction de 1'etre et de l'etant dans le De Hebdomadibus de Boece", 147153.
Kennedy describes Bellenden's translation of Hector Boece's Scotorum Historia as a 'prose version' (167), implying that his source text is not in prose (it is).
Comme clles descendent de la litterature et du tableau, elles y menent aussi, par le biais d'une comparison pour laquelle Borges dit s'appuyer sur le De consolatione philosophiae de Boece. Dans ce texte, le philosophe aurait imagine deux spectateurs d'une course dans un hippodrome.
In Chaucer's Boece, the word "librarye" is used twice early in the treatise (Bo Bk1 Prosa 4 14 and Bk1 Prosa 5 39-40).
Et lors me vint entre mains Un livre que moult amay, Car il m'osta hors d'esmay Et de desolacion: Ce ert De Consolacion Boece, le prouffitable Livre qui tant est notable.