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a tight-fitting garment of stretchy material that covers the body from the shoulders to the thighs (and may have long sleeves or legs reaching down to the ankles)

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WAITING FOR TONIGHT Jennifer Lopez gets the show started in her DSQUARED2 bodysuit.
The Kate effect hit again as, hours after the pictures were published, the bodysuit was almost sold out, with just two left.
The other costumes include a very revealing S& M- inspired corset bodysuit with exaggerated shoulders and a translucent nun's habit.
Precision of the bodysuit measurements was a measure of percent relative standard deviation between duplicate samples of the sample aliquot.
I'm sure Jeremy Clarkson will still be dancing around his denim front room, in his all-over denim bodysuit, crying denim tears of joy, after the Green Party failed in their bid to have any of their candidates elected to government.
The dancer, Joseph Mills, wore a bodysuit that caught the computer-projected images--he essentially merged into the design.
Popping through to level two, he finds his head and arms sheathed in plastic - a homemade bubble bodysuit - recalling all those space-age "white rooms" where workers "safely" handle virulent materials, from Ebola to spent uranium.
The curvy singer's audience in Miami were treated to a pretty full-on show as she performed in a nude bodysuit.
ns Nude lace VPL bodysuit, Simone Perele @ Figleaves PThe problem: Clingy fabrics Jersey fabrics can be very unforgiving, showing off any lumps and bumps.
The 21-year-old model poses in a peel-back acetate cover, the top layer of which features her in a Nicola Formichetti for Diesel denim bodysuit, which can be peeled to reveal a cover shot of Upton in her skivvies.
If any event comes to mind as a result of the email, it would most definitely be Pink's controversial nude bodysuit from the 2010 Grammy's.
com BABY can wear a crown bodysuit, pounds 5-6 from Mothercare, with pride.
Once restricted to women post childbirth, shapewear has now extended its markets even to women in their 20s who are picking up everything from a bodysuit to a push- up bra depending on their choice of outerwear.
Yet swimmers regularly shave milliseconds off existing records, though never before with such frequency; at the heart of this apparently stunning progress is a Nasa-designed bodysuit known as the LZR Racer, launched by British firm Speedo almost 12 months ago.