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someone who does special exercises to develop a brawny musculature

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These excellent performances by Kurdish bodybuilders in the World Championships prove that the sport of bodybuilding is highly developing in the Kurdistan Region.
Shanwaz is following in the footsteps of his dad, who was also a bodybuilder, and has also praised his Huddersfield coach Nigel Davies.
BODYBUILDER Naveed Muzaffar shows off the impressive guns he hopes will earn him a national title.
ARNOLD Schwarzenegger has revealed his mum was worried when he became a bodybuilder.
He owns Stephen Sinton Gym Solutions in Leith, Edinburgh, which supplies equipment and food products to bodybuilders and weight trainers.
they are just food supplements and bodybuilders can use them instead of having meat, eggs, fruits and beans etc...
A TOP woman bodybuilder is aiming for a UK title - after being crowned Miss Scotland for the second year in a row.
But bodybuilders' diets are anything but balanced: When they're bulking up, they may consume between 1.5 and 2 grams of protein per pound of body weight per day.
His appealing, slightly disturbing performance of bodybuilder and rapper poses is one of several Weatiez has posted on, an online video clearinghouse where as many as 43,000 viewers--mostly male--have watched his impromptu shenanigans since he started broadcasting them in April.
Mike said: "Everyone can benefit in some way from the lifestyle adopted by natural bodybuilders. Whatever age, whatever fitness, people can improve their general fitness, health and happiness without the use of chemicals or surgical methods."
A group of bodybuilders proved they had the muscle to pick up trophies at a top competition.
Winning the big tournaments certainly makes it easier for professional bodybuilders to attract sponsorship and lucrative advertising and appearance fees.
As the October 7th California gubernatorial recall election draws near, FLEX wants to encourage those bodybuilders in the Golden State to consider the jolt of energy to the sport that would result from a Governor Schwarzenegger.
Bodybuilders spread their daily caloric intake over as many as seven meals, eating every two to four hours.
He reckons that many bodybuilders have a problem with body image - and never believe they look good enough.