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a bag in which the body of a dead soldier is placed

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The final TV outing offered a Dickensian-style twist with Bodybag receiving a visit from the Ghost Of Christmas Past.
The TC BodyBags are constructed of transparent plastic layers, which are coated with a proprietary adhesive formula that will not stick to any surface other than itself.
Belarus Free Theatre recently organised a protest in London where the actors zipped themselves up in white bodybags and lay on the pavement outside Parliament.
And judge Jason Gardiner told Todd: "I fear you're going to leave this competition in a bodybag."
A satchel, in German, is often referred to by the English term "Bodybag".
House of Wax (15) Competent update remake of the 50s horror as the usual bunch of teenage bodybag fodder get bumped off by a sicko killer who turns his victims into wax models.
Flop backwards on Hewitt's tailblock and you're going home in a bodybag. Mak McNair
'Bodybag' has lost her husband and her home and has fallen for a scam set up by glamorous cons Phyl and Bev.
Death," has Jack Kevorkian appearing on an online talk show; he follows Charo, "the original coochie-coochie girl." As in Jaffe's three previous volumes, there are a number of dialogue pieces ("Severed Hand" and "Bodybag"), like small transcripts or plays; these are an important part of the style and approach to Jaffe's fiction, and they are always the most interesting and funny.
When did the salacious sex scandal, the bodybag shot and the ratings point begin to dominate the U.S.
If there's any deterrent to getting locked up, surely it's the threat of someone like Bodybag as your prison guard.
That spared him the experience of catching sight of three distressed members of staff discussing a very fresh trauma, while, in the background, an 'occupied' bodybag was loaded into the back of a van.
Other names in the running were Moving Target and Bodybag.
She is perhaps best known to television viewers for her long-running role in the ITV women's prison drama Bad Girls as warder Sylvia 'Bodybag' Hollamby, who she played from the first episode in 1999 to the last in 2006.