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someone who takes bodies from graves and sells them for anatomical dissection

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Now more than 60 years later he is at the centre of an extraordinary court case, which has seen a British Catholic priest effectively accused of body-snatching. Wojciech Jasinski, 40, has been charged with illegally exhuming Witold's remains from a Herefordshire graveyard.
Burke and Hare have somehow stumbled into the lucrative trade of body-snatching.
Whether it be Burke and Hare's body-snatching or Alexander Graham Bell's invention of the telephone, The Top 50 sets its sights on Scots heroes and villains.
Conversion rows, including "body-snatching" cases in which Islamic authorities have battled with relatives over the remains of people whose religion is disputed, are common in Malaysia, where the official religion in Islam.
The case is the latest in a series of allegations of "body-snatching" by Islamic authorities, who have seized remains against the objections of non-Muslim family members.
THE director of a funeral parlour that handled British broadcaster Alistair Cooke's body is cooperating with prosecutors probing an alleged body-snatching ring.
7 the Daily News published a front page article with the headline "Body snatchers of New York" and reported the "body-snatching enterprise has been underway for about five years."
Pods have cleaned up their act since their body-snatching days.
In this peppery polemic, he writes with verve and dash to demolish the "sheer ill will and bad faith and intellectual confusion" (39), the "ingenious dishonesty and evasion" (70) of hateful Left-wing diatribes against Orwell as well as Right-wing body-snatching.
Sarah Wise shows how a series of crimes led to controversial legislation which effectively spelled the end of body-snatching in Britain in The Italian Boy: Murder and Grave-Robbery in 1830s London (Jonathan Cape, 17.99 [pounds sterling]).
Johnny Knoxville (from cult TV series Jackass) is great as the body-snatching roadie (the real Kaufman even lent him the Sin City denim jacket he actually wore when he kidnapped Parsons, body in 1973).
Throughout, Huebler's work is haunted by body-snatching doubles in the form of "look-alikes." Variable Piece #70 (In Process) Global, November 1971, includes "at least one person who reminds the artist of someone he knows." In Variable Piece #7, Limoges, France, December 1992, a five-year-old is asked to select her father's doppelganger in a neighborhood market.
Whether this is going to help in the body-snatching problem, I don't know.
The most famous case of body-snatching in the history of rock 'n' roll is that of Gram Parsons, the highly regarded singer and guitarist who played with the Byrds and the Flying Burrito Brothers and influenced the Rolling Stones and the Eagles, among others.
Particularly impressive is the chapter "Selling People Is Wrong," in which Searle demonstrates how debates on political economy linked moral battles over such seemingly disparate issues as slavery, feminism, and body-snatching. If the market is truly free, then should human beings be viewed not only as the subjects of commerce, but also the objects?