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According to District Body-Building Association Secretary General Mohammad Afzal Badar, the championship was being held in connection with the I-Day celebrations of Pakistan.
The 20-year-old, who hails from Glan Conwy and is in his final year at Chester University where he is taking a degree in sport and exercise science, graduated to body-building from weight-lifting, another sport in which he achieved success.
Body-building is something unique and due to the condition I had (being asthmatic), I thought with basketball, it would not help me that much.
Of these cases, 136 (16%) were attributed to a product in the herbal and dietary supplement category Patients reported consuming a total of 262 different herbal and dietary supplements; 30% were body-building products.
Other rounds saw them trying to strike the perfect body-building pose after walking down a catwalk.
The occasion was World Fitness & Body-Building Championship-2010, held at Kupele Brusno in Republic Slovakia.
A student of former Mr India Maipak Sharma, Vishwajit started his own centre after winning the inter-college body-building competition.
Now an aircraft shift worker, Griffiths claimed in court a bag of amphetamine found in his Volvo when he was stopped after it was seen weaving in the road was in fact a body-building supplement provided by his coach.
DAVID VAN ZANTEN is putting his weight behind St Mirren's new campaign with some body-building sessions.
Around 100 physically challenged participants from various parts of Madhya Pradesh displayed their health-oriented physique and body-building skills.
Two years on, I held all the UK amateur body-building titles.
While Martin, 27, has already scooped a Welsh title in his own field after winning The Welsh Strong Man (105 kilograms) in Cardiff earlier this month Natalie is about to embark on the body-building stage for the first time.
As Beekin and Sullivan practice journalism of a sort that would do the White House Press Corps proud -- stories include a Pasadena body-building competition and an undercover investigation of homophobia (which seems to exist mainly within the crew) -- the petty agendas of each routinely obfuscate any chance of insightful reporting occurring.
TOUGH guy actor Sean Connery has been exposed as a body-building FLOP.
So she supplemented her naturally deep voice and willowy 5-foot-10 frame, adding fake beard stubble, undergoing a body-building regimen, and getting a flattop--and Norah became Ned.