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a bag in which the body of a dead soldier is placed

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The bodies were found in body-bags with Latin letters and numbers on them," said Fallujah police chief Brigadier General Mahmuod al-Essawi.
Well, apart from the hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqi civilians, the thousands of British and American soldiers coming home in body-bags, Iraq's crippled infrastructure, the suicide bombings in London last year, the epidemic of suicide bombings in Iraq, Britain's complete loss of standing on the international stage, taking our eyes off the ball in Afghanistan, weapons expert Dr Kelly's "suicide", the farce with the BBC and the government over the "sexing-up" allegations and the subsequent Hutton white-wash, the loss of faith of the British public in our leaders, the newly-acknowledged state of civil war in Iraq, oh - and a complete absence of weapons of mass destruction - it all went quite well, don't you think?