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someone who takes bodies from graves and sells them for anatomical dissection

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The 'Burbs HANKS' talent for slapstick is in full effect in this entertaining '89 comedy about a group of suburbanite busybodies who suspect their creepy new neighbours are body snatching cannibals.
For the state to simply assume it has the right to my organs without specific permission is surely little better than old fashioned body snatching.
Contrary to expectations, an animalist insistence on uninterrupted bodily continuity between this life and the next does not involve deceptive body snatching.
It is not possible to draw from the historical precedents available to us, where bodies for study were obtained through unethical practices including body snatching and murder, and the challenge to the present-day discipline of anatomy is whether it is possible to shed all semblance of this unsavoury past.
For a time in the United States and United Kingdom in the nineteenth century, body snatching seems to have been a fairly popular sport.
He told us of the ins and outs of body snatching and dissection.
This can avoid such allegations as body snatching," he said, adding that the department should be placed under the Prime Minister's Department.
The grisly story received perhaps more media attention than any such scandal since a wave of body snatching in the 18th century.
As well as waxing lyrical about the myth and legend which surround Jack the Ripper, Rory is also a self-taught expert on the unexpected subject of body snatching.