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having a hole cut through

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Studies of more than 6,000 junior and high school students found that those with tattoos and body piercings were more likely to smoke cigarettes or marijuana, go on drinking binges, have premarital sex, get into serious fights, join gangs, skip school and get poor grades.
There is a possibility that diseases such as HIV, AIDS, or hepatitis can be contracted in tattoo shops or places where body piercing is done.
With the proliferation of tattooing and body piercing, the direction of HIV intervention and prevention activities is rapidly shifting from documentation of risk reduction practices to measuring intervention outcomes.
Any policy regarding body piercing would need to remember that body art and piecing are important parts of some cultures.
Body piercing might be multiple hoops up, around, and inside the ear, as well as a "barbell" or "u-ring" sticking out of the tongue, eyebrow, nostril, or lips.
One response to the centrifugal energies currently at work on the body may be the attempt to make one's skin more unique through such ancient techniques as tattooing and body piercing. This is the opposite of plastic surgery, wherein you join millions of other Barbie-doll wannabes.
But you must be in good physical condition, have at least six to eight hours of sleep and must not have undergone major or minor surgeries, dental surgeries, tattooing and body piercing for the past 12 months.
Blue Springs, MO, July 26, 2015 --(PR.com)-- WakeUp With Makeup today announced the launch of its fully featured website, www.jennerbydesign.com, as an informational portal that features educational resources about permanent makeup and body piercing services offered by WakeUp With Makeup, a gallery of completed projects, special offers, as well as news and other updates from the WakeUp With Makeup team.
In Body Piercing and Tattooing: Making Smart Choices, readers are given a healthy mix of information about tattooing and piercings, as well as questions one might ask themselves before they make commitments to changing their bodies.
They also said that from cosmetics to jewellery, body piercing to tattoos, allergies could lurk in unlikely places.
As well as offering piercing and tattoo services, the studio is also home to one of the biggest collections of body piercing jewellery in Europe, as well as clothing and accessories and other tit-bits.
The British Medical Journal study found one in 10 people - and nearly half of all younger women - have a body piercing other than on the earlobe.
New figures show that more than a quarter of people who have gone in for body piercing have experienced complications while 13% have had problems so serious they sought further help.
Then point out that The British Body Piercing Association won't see anyone under 14, and 14-16 year olds need to be accompanied by an adult.