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the weight of a person's body

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BPF detection versus nondetection correlated with elevated prevalence of abdominal obesity (odds ratio, 1.29) and continuous body mass index z-score (?
Increase in the body mass index i.e; overweight and obesity pose a major risk for developing cardiorespiratory illness.1
"Our results highlight that body composition, and not just overall body mass, should be assessed when studying the health effects of weight in children", said Gabriela P.
That fuel is stolen from muscles and organs, tearing down lean body mass, as well as leaving energy in the bloodstream that the body converts to fat if it's not used.
'Measures of aerobic fitness that are based on total body mass are better at predicting the risk of Type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease than measures that are based on skeletal muscle mass,' said Andrew Agbaje, lead researcher from the University of Eastern Finland.
Eothenomys miletus, Tannic acid, Energy metabolism, Body mass, Energy intake.
The study also reached secondary endpoints, indicating statistically significant increases in appendicular lean body mass and total lean body mass for all doses of VK5211 compared against placebo.
KEY WORDS: Anthropometry; Dynamometry; Harpendence Caliper; Handgrip Strength; Percentage of Body Fat; Percentage of Lean Body Mass
Body mass index has been shown to reflect body composition of pregnant women; lower body mass index relates to wasting of both fat and lean tissue.14,15 Body Mass Index is a composite indicator that needs two measurements (weight, height) and skilled staff to calculate it.
Height and body weight of the subjects is measured by the body mass index (BMI) corresponding to gender and age.7
In the article titled "Nutritional Considerations for Performance in Young Athletes" [1], there was an error in the breakdown of equation (1), where both body mass and food and drink mass are called out to use the same symbol.
Body mass variations of Pipistrellus kuhlii and Eptesicus isabellinus were studied in the Bou Hedma National Park (central Tunisia) from June 2010 to June 2011.
In ungulates, for example, individuals with a larger birth mass have a higher probability of post-parturition and overwinter survival (Verme, 1965; Thorne et al., 1976), are able to reach sexual maturity more quickly (Lomas and Bender, 2007), and can achieve a greater asymptotic body mass (Donadio et al., 2012; but see Wolcott et al., 2015).
Body mass had no correlation with crawling speed when snails were crawling on a horizontal surface, but was negatively correlated with speed when snails crawled on a vertical surface.