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the weight of a person's body

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The study also reached secondary endpoints, indicating statistically significant increases in appendicular lean body mass and total lean body mass for all doses of VK5211 compared against placebo.
KEY WORDS: Anthropometry; Dynamometry; Harpendence Caliper; Handgrip Strength; Percentage of Body Fat; Percentage of Lean Body Mass
chevrieri can adjust their physiological functions to cope with food shortage, mainly by decreasing body mass, thermogenesis and serum leptin levels.
Height and body weight of the subjects is measured by the body mass index (BMI) corresponding to gender and age.
One of the most important factors we identified was low body weight, or low body mass index.
Conclusion: High body mass index is associated with high bone mineral density and reduced fracture risk in postmenopausal females.
Far fewer investigations have examined intraspecific scaling relationships between maternal body mass and birth mass of their neonates (Loison and Strand, 2005).
Scaling coefficients were calculated using ordinary least squares (OLS) regression for all pairs of variables except shell length versus body mass, foot length versus shell length, foot length versus body mass, and foot length versus foot width.
In this paper we will show, that the connection between the body mass distribution and the distribution of orbital periods of planets and largest planetoids in the solar system can be described by the scaling law (1):
A study described in the Journal of Nutrition found an association between reductions in several B vitamins and an increase in body mass index and other indicators of obesity in children between the ages of 8 and 15.
Overall self esteem and body mass predicted body satisfaction significantly.
Thyroid hormone deficiency in the course of subclinical and overt hypothyroidism is frequently related to the increased body mass, reduced thermogenesis and metabolic rate [9].