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the exterior body of a motor vehicle

the work of making or repairing vehicle bodies

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The jury heard that after performing some body manipulation on the complainant, Midda gave a body massage which involved the removal of her top and bra.
In 30 minutes, the show rambles from classical nude paintings to contemporary photography to, oddly, mummification and body manipulation such as tattoos and piercings.
What sets Klaus apart from lip-synching drag queens is not only her body manipulation but, more important, her respect for song selection, arrangements, musicianship, and vocal performance.
These studies however, can be found in integrative medical studies, physical therapy, sports injury, and complementary medicine journals; apart from the standard medical journals available that disclose the many benefits of foot and other body manipulations of muscle and joints, such as the recent case report from Patla et al (2015).
Watch out for gravitydefying gymnastics, the seemingly impossible body manipulations of the hand balancer, the leaping, rolling, somersaulting repertoire of the hoop divers and the lavish tradition of the Lion Dance