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the exterior body of a motor vehicle

the work of making or repairing vehicle bodies

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The process consists on patience's body manipulation made by the therapist who applying the "dipping position" is able to dialogue with the newborn, above all, thanks to the contact through skin, eyes, and the research of the look.
"It goes far deeper than that but if you want it in basics it's intense stretching and body manipulation along with meditation.
The jury heard that after performing some body manipulation on the complainant, Midda gave a body massage which involved the removal of her top and bra.
What sets Klaus apart from lip-synching drag queens is not only her body manipulation but, more important, her respect for song selection, arrangements, musicianship, and vocal performance.
Yes, the media is a powerful tool and especially on the young, and if it continues to glorify the antics and body manipulations of people like the Kardashians to our youth, then we will end up with a similar situation where women in some countries are afraid to step out unless they have had their faces and bodies shaped up by a willing surgeon.