bear hug

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a wrestling hold with arms locked tightly around the opponent

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a takeover bid so attractive that the directors of the target company must approve it or risk shareholder protest

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The body lock is described as a fast-drying, ultrafine hair spray that locks in body, volume and style on contact.
The new Hi-Tech series of Body Lock and Liner Lock models feature titanium-coated blades, stainless-steel liner locks and 400 series stainless-steel blades.
It gives you just as much control as a two-on-one or a body lock and affords you the opportunity to take your opponent to his back.
Rdso/S-10800, Alt-5 Alongwith Crank Hndle, Crank Handle Key And Body Lock Key.
A fresh air kick on a routine clearance ( a hoof into the stands ( and then a full body lock to wrestle Peter Crouch to the floor amid blind panic as though at Twickenham deserved both a penalty and a red card.
Tenders are invited for Stopper Body Lock Housing To Drg.